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Filleting fish & SM Bass Recipes?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Nightspell, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Nightspell

    Nightspell Avid Nudist

    May 16, 2003
    Pacific Northwest
    Anyone know a good online reference to filleting fish? Every time I try it, it looks like I was fishing with dynamite. I've had people show me how they do it, and they make it look so easy I feel like a moron, but I just can't get the hang of it.

    That said, I have a couple Smallmouth Bass in the freezer that are starting to sound good. Anyone have some good recipes? Any good ones for whole fish? I want to try something new.

  2. Edge

    Edge Millennium Member

    Jan 4, 1999

  3. Edge

    Edge Millennium Member

    Jan 4, 1999
    I should have added... If you are serious about filleting fish, forget the normal fillet knives. I'm into knives and have many fillet knives including some custom ones. One day a friend and I caught a big mess of bluegill. He used his electric fillet knife. I used a regular one. It was no comparison. After a little practice, an electric knife is much faster. I have a Rapala electric fillet knife that I can use with electric outlet or cigarette lighter. I have a portable battery pack I use for jump starting equipment. It has a cigarette lighter plugin on it that I use. It works great, even in the boat, boonies, etc.
  4. here's what I do;

    1> start a cut at the back of the head cut down the sides and behind the gill
    (start from the top and cut down to the bottom on both sides of fish)

    2> on both sides of the dorsal fin ( the big fin on top ) and then follow that cut down to the caudal fin ( tail fin )

    3> depend on what you want you can remove the dorsal fin from the fish

    4> lay fish on side and using the cut down in step#1 &2 cut down to the rib cage and then parrell the knife and cut from front to back all the way to caudal fin but not throw it

    5> flip the single sided filet on it's scale side and now you have the choice to leave the scales and skin on if you want run the knife down the filet parrell to the skin leaving very little meat on the skin ( a good sharp knife helps )

    6> repeat proccess on other side

    7. heat oil and drop fish fillet in ( optional)

    Now, this above method is simple quick and painless for you and the fish

    No need to gut or scale if you plan on a skinless fillet and the bigger or thicker the fish, the easier it is.
  5. Medford4

    Medford4 Hired Gun

    Nov 15, 2003
    Use an electric knife, and common sense. Make a cut behind the gills down to the back bone. When you feel it, keeping the knife running, turn the blade towards the tail, and just follow the back bone, trying to get the full width of the fillet cut off as you go. Stop just before you go through the skin at the tail. Flip the fillet back over the tail. Holding the blade canting forward (towards the fillet at about a 45 degree angle, shave the meat off the skin. Repeat on the other side. You'll occasionally F up and cut through the back bone, then it's a real *****...With a little practice you'll rarely do this. After you're done with both sides, discard the center part, then just cut the ribs out of each fillet. You can do this with every sport fish..including catfish, although catfish take a little more practice.