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Filipino Martial Arts

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by chowchow, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    Ano ba talaga ang recognized martial arts ng Pinas? Is it Eskrima only or the dreaded Pkiti style. Kaibigan ko ay talagang intrisado nito aside from owning guns.
  2. cznayr

    cznayr Dis-member

    Jun 14, 2004
    ITo ang popular na alam ko,


    Popular sa mga mister at master si Mrs. = Sang sutsut Uwi.

    Ang corny, anyway, maraming Filipino martial arts na nagsulputan,

    Yawyan: Sayaw ng Kamatayan
    Dectaf: Filipino nga ba to nagoriginate? correct me If i'm wrong
    Bakbakan: from Mr. Ricketts (Yes the actor)
    ANd many more..

    When I was in school, merong variant ang jujitsu practice by the frat members..

    Then there's the combat aikido, pauso din dito...

    So debatable yan and the thing with Martial arts is that it evolves.

  3. PMMA97

    PMMA97 TagaBundok

    Nov 25, 2003
    Omar Camar's Aikikai (Ay Kikay):supergrin:
  4. ang pagka alam ko, marami tayong filipino martial arts. everytime it evolves its moves and alter some practices, they normally change it to another name.

    i have practiced NECOPA (a few sessions only) and i think it is a very practical FMA. NECOPA means new concept phil arnis. from what i understand, most of its moves come from balintawak. from what i know also, balintawak came from arnis?

    anyway, i like the NECOPA system because it is simple and effective. no fancy moves.... just short, quick and very effective strikes and counter strikes. it is also not very demanding of our physical abilities. while some martial arts require us to be ultra flexible or high endurance work out, NECOPA (and like most FMA) can be practiced by anoyone.... be it young or old, flexible or not, athletic or hindi, etc....

    the impt thing is research and ask as much people/practitioners kung ano yung discipline nila and how they differ from other FMAs. from there, you can decide which one you to practice.
  5. Hindi ba arnis ang pinaka sikat?
  6. balisong ata, yun ang pinakasikat na martial arts gadgets ng mga kawatan at holdaper sa ngayon. ;) :supergrin:
    kidding aside, during my fathers active days in karate(3rd dan black belt/instructor), our clubs principle is Okinawan, which is opposite naman ng Shutokan.
    ang alam ko lang is yung outside block ng okinawan e inside block naman ng shutokan.:)
    noong pinag-aral kasi ako ng tatay ko, "bolakbol" ako kaya ito ni hindi na makasipa dahil meron ng artrithis.:rofl: ;)
  7. boni

    boni ako ito bok!

    Feb 20, 2007
    perlas ng silanganan
    ang pinoy martial art is 1 of the best in the world. yung pikiti tersia d ba arnis din yan? san ka ba nakakita ng martial art na inuuna yung armed combat before they train you for unarmed combat? sa arnis d ba we train with weapons first then pag na develop na thats the time na unarmed na. very dynamic ang bilis imagine training with a sinuwak in one hand and punyal in the other. only in the Phils. ang galing ng pinoy. :)
  8. bulm540


    Jun 18, 2004
    probably eskrima. Featured in Human weapons ( history channel) a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Pero sa UFC, in a no-holds barred hand-to-hand match-up, it's wrestling coupled with jiu-jitsu that seems to dominate.

    All oriental techniques work reasonably well in stand-up only, but not on the ground where most street brawls I witnessed always end up in. The one who has the ability to finish a fight on the ground always wins... :thumbsup:
  10. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    Maraming ngang magagaling sa atin , hindi lang masyadong open. Mahilig ang imitation sa atin atmag develop sa sariling style. Ngayon ko lang nalaman itong Pekiti tirsia kali at provincia panamin galing.
    Since these are tribal war skills, e sa palagal ginamit ito ni Lapulapu noon, at nakatikim ang dateng ginoong Ferdinand Magellan.
  11. Neo Headhunter

    Neo Headhunter

    Dec 23, 2006
    Just my 2 cents mga pare, dahil sa noon naguguluhan din ako as far as difference ng mga FMA. Did a little research and as far as I read our FMA is as varied as how many islands our beautiful country is!
    Arnis is north and central phil, escrima is central southern & Kali is south. But the mother of all is Kali as it is the original form before the lazy assed spaniards parked their fat behinds in the philippines, the filipinos started hiding it and calling it arnis and escrima beacuse of the spanish influence of fencing. even the PTK is from KALI.History reveals that Kali is a war art or form, weapons firts before empty hand, this is taught due to the frequent tribal warring, and in a tribe it is mostly family- and you want as much of your family to survive so you arm them with swords and knives ie Kampilan, barong, kris, balaraw, kerambit etc. Kali is heavily influenced by Silat from Indonesia although the phil has our own version of silat. From there there are sub categories of the arts with dumog, sikaran, panuntukan etc. There is a good book I picked up titled "Filipino Martial Culture" by cody it's a good read and focused on the diffrent forms it is not complete and some of his historical accounts maybe be not completely accurate. It is a good start. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to train with FCS(Filipino Combat systems) which teaches Kali with integration of stick, whip, sarong/malong, knife, sword, empty hand, dumog=grappling/wrestling/joint locks and sikaran=low lying kicks, etc. Kali is a great reality based form that is simple and true to it's form to this date, it is not a sport it is a combar/war art.
    In a fight there are no rules, there are no limits, as great as the fighters in UFC are, it is still a sport! If I get into a brawl the last thing I am going to do is get down sa lupa (unless I get takin down, if so we train with that scenario too) so that his other friends can kick me and beat me with bats, or stab me.
    Sulong mga pare ko seek out and try nyo, we almost always just think of arnis as just those two rattan sticks but what if those were swords as in the old days or a steel tactical batton.
    :laughabove: :laughabove:
  12. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007

    Mga papards, malakas at popular na pala itong PTK sa States at Europe esp Germany. Si Mataas Tuhon Gaje makes a yearly tour para ma followup ang mga different clubs sa mga lugar nito.
    SO far ang mga puti ay napahilig sa martial arts. Gaje is also recognized by the US Criminal Justice Dept for his knife skills and maraming police departments ay rcognized ang techniques nya. Hanep ang Pilipino!
    Pero dapat meyron kang martial arts background before maka trained ka nito kasi it involves knives and sharp- edged weapons, hehehe, hindi basta basta baka madesgrasya na walang oras. But it is very deadly art and will make a valuable addition in being armed aside from a gun.
    Mabuhay ang Pinoy.

  13. i agree, as gun afficionados, we should be not only good with our pistols but also with knives. :) if you've seen the movie "the hunted" featuring benicio del toro, he was pretty good with the knife and it shows how the knife can be as deadly as the gun too.
    some even believe that if you're very good at it, you can easily defeat a man with a gun at close range.
  14. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    Tutuo yan pare, dapat talaga may alam tayo. Ang mga Kano are very interested at seryoso sa mga ganitong bagay. Mas marami payatang nagtetrain sa PKT style sa States compared sa atin. Considering this is an ancient tribal war skills honed and passed on from generation to generation.