Feinstein targets target guns.

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  1. Dianne Feinstein's AWB bill will severely impact the sport of target shooting. It declares that pistols with threaded muzzles and magazines outside the grip are assault weapons. In other words, open division USPSA/IPSC/NRA/GSSF and Olympic target pistols.

    Open division pistols have compensators attached via threaded muzzles. The Walther GSP and Benelli MP95, both built for target shooting fall into this category as well.

    An Assault rifle can be defined but an assault weapon cannot. If it could be defined there would be no need to spend 95 pages of the bill exempting firearms such as single shot rifles from 1874, bolt action rifles and single shot shotguns for trap. Banning firearms based on cosmetics is foolish.

    I wrote my representatives, write yours.


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  2. I did!!

    It effects my Pardini my Benellis and my Walthers!!!

    They really show there ignorance with these statements!


  3. Join the party, in NY threaded barrels on semi autos are now assault weapons. :(
  4. The problem is the use of Assault anything is a falsehood they are not an Assault anything! They are semi-auto's ! Assualt weapons are full auto select fire weapons we are not allowed to own them already! Anytime we here that fraze we need to correct it immediately! Do not allow them to use it!:steamed:
  5. The Anti's want them all right down to Muzzle loaders and Cap & Ball pistols. SJ 40
  6. Beware Owner

    Beware Owner NOT a victim.

    She's nothing less than a redcoat.

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