Feeding the Malcontent, (State Corrections)

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Hack, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hack, I like the way you think. Maybe we need to start an exchange program. We had one when I was active duty and it'd give them an opportunity to sample life in other countries. Let 'em spend a year or two in Greek or Turkish prisons and I'll bet their perspectives will change significantly. Even cheaper, let them spend some time south of the border...

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  2. From my observations: the majority of inmates here are astoundingly lazy. I'm amazed how they've managed to stay alive thus far and I'm assuming we have corner stores and McDonald's to thank for that. They are all dirty mofos and the guys who do clean the pods generally have ulterior motives for doing so.

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  3. When I worked in the NM system I had these thoughts.

    1) send the real trouble makers and shot callers to mexico (sorry Pureo Mexico) and see if they are as vocal in 1 year.

    2) pump weed smoke into the housing units. They will gladly eat food loaf and ask for more. Added benefit, assaults would be down. Have you ever seen stoners fight? Comical.

    3) for the really scuzzy villains, send them to a Thailand prison, though I like the Turkish idea as well. Then bring them back and see if they break squelch again.
  4. To quote "the Duke" from "Cahill, U.S. Marshall"

    "You don't like the treatment......don't rob the bank"
  5. We just got a guy in our place that was transferred...from a prison in China. American working over there and got busted with drugs and served a few years before coming here to serve US fed time. Funny, but he seemed to think our place was quite nice ;)
  6. I still believe merchant ships with guarded prison detachments make sense.
  7. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Forget the work detail on the ship, just throw them overboard. Less food consumed, less energy used for propulsion.
  8. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    I remember hearing about prison officials from China who visited the BOP. They liked what we were doing concerning teaching the inmates trades. So, I guess it was good that I wasn't nearby to ask about their set up.:whistling:
  9. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    We do have sort of an exchange program, but not in the way that it would teach an inmate a lesson. Some international inmates are authorized to go back to their home country to complete the rest of their time, and vice versa.
  10. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    Actually it wouldn't be hard. Hire merchant mariners to the service of the BOP. The US Navy would have to be willing to lease ships, or there is the possibility that vessels could be purchased and refurbished. Keep them within the US limits on the water ways. A few old freighters could be refurbished to the task of growing food.

    Inmates could be taught trades, (medium custody and below), and cycled out at the end of two years. Keep the highest custody levels restricted to land. The BOP employees would be cycled out at assigned ports, paid a little extra for being away from their families for a week or two, and given a little extra vacation time; like we do for those in PR, and HI.

    Personally I think it would work well for awhile until laws could be passed to revamp federal laws to where people convicted of some of the lesser crimes could be sentenced to home confinement for half a year, instead of being placed in prison camps, and halfway houses.

    Another possibility would be to take inmates who are sentenced under military guidelines and ship them out to sea a year or two at a time, completely under military jurisdiction.
  11. Yeah the inmates are whiners about their food up here in Michigan as well. I work a a max prison, so I deal with the bottome 10% of prisoners, so I see more complaining than most. I never understood why they get 3 hot meals a day. I don't eat 3 hot meals a day. I don't know many people who do. I think they should get a simple cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a hot dinner.
  12. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    I hear you there. Where I work now it has been altered to where they still get nutritionally sound meals, pastry, cereal, fruit and milk everyday of the week in the mornings. They still get the big lunches, and evening meals though, just no salad bar. Still get religious based meals, and what have you.

    I have heard that the minimum amount of meals is two per day by law.
  13. you forgot to mention inmates who receive "special diet" meals for one lame reason or another. and... lets not forget all those fakers that claim to be recently converted muslims only because then they get their 'ramadan meals' .
  14. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    I am on a seafood only diet of lobsters and oysters and shrimp, how dat be?
  15. I only have experience with what our contract jail brings everyday to the courthouse for lunch for the prisoners they deliver..

    I've taken note that it is consistently 4 slices of bread, 4 thick slices of bologna, an orange, and (4) namebrand cookies.

    They always throw a couple extra in, in case we have new arrests brought to the courthouse, and the extras get tossed at the end of the day..

    I "might" have tasted a few of the "cookies" to test for edibility..

    Also...not all the prisonsers always want their lunch, so....i guess they're not starving..
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  16. smokeross

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    Prison should be a place that is so unpleasant that no one EVER wants to go back, and they tell their low life buddies just how bad it was.
  17. You'd shake your head at some of the Dirtballs walking into the pods here. Shaking hands, "what up my n****, got me here on some bull****" then it's a big family reunion.

    We should freeze them and only wake them up when they need court appearances.

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  18. Never works like that. They see it as a right of passage. "I did my time like a man." They clique up, hola ley vato.
  19. Oh yes. We have every religous meal known to man. We have "snack bags" for convicts who get hungry at night. We have all sorts of silly stuff for these guys. The deputy warden just used taxpayer money to buy a bunch of 50' flatscreen tvs so the convicts can start having "tv" time, and "movie night" even though most of them already have their own tv.
  20. When I worked in the state I had MULTIPLE inmates tell me they didn't want to go home because they liked it in prison better. Inside they had someone to set their entire schedule, meal, housing, friends, family, and no responsibility. On the street they had to take care of themselves. Wonder why we had so many come back...

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