Federal .357 mag, 158 gr JSP

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  1. Does anyone use or have thoughts on using a 158 gr. JSP in .357 mag as a defensive round? Now bear with me here. I understand that a .357 round in any weight is more than likely going to stop someone, but what about over-penatration? I know I could easily buy a JHP round. Isn't it almost the same as some guys carrying a full on wad-cutter? Or is that not the same thing? Thanks for any opinions. Stay safe.

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  2. Merkavaboy

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    The 158JSP is an almost 100% guarantee to overpenetrate a human torso with little to no expansion.

    Also, WC loads are for target shooting. Solid and jacketed Non-hollow point rounds in service calibers are the worst for SD use with documented overpenetration that has maimed and killed innocent people (including many LEO's). Leave the JSP load for hunting (where penetration is needed) and target shooting/plinking and use modern JHP loads for SD. The 125JHP's in .357 are still the best street proven loads in this caliber.

  3. JSP's in pistol rounds typically don't expand at all.
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    I load 158g JSPs over 15.8g of W296 and they mushroom nicely out of 4" & 6" revolvers.
  5. Into what exactly? JSP's are not for use on human beings unless you like the risk of being sued for hitting someone behind your target.:upeyes:
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    This load is guaranteed to over-penetrate, as others have said. If you need to get through several layers of winter clothing, then maybe this load would be suitable. But the best .357 round out there for ordinary SD scenarios is the 125gr JHP. Its stopping power is legendary.
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    Use 158gr lswchp.
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    is a good load choice.:supergrin:
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    Ed Sanow had one of those stop, after 31 inches of gel, with no expansion. :faint:

    Best served on wild pigs...
  10. For SD, not hunting or target shooting, etc., the JHP is without parallel for on target effectiveness. In the S&W .357 Magnum the very best most effective definitive load is a 125 gr. JHP. It is the most effective load on the market proven by use in all manner of circumstances. The 158 gr. load, either JHP or JSP, offers nothing more than more penetration. If you anticipate having to engage individuals built like 600 lb. sumo wrestlers, you need to buy a 12 ga. shotgun and load it with buckshot. Any of the common modern SD/HD loads in .357 Magnum will be extremely effective for SD/HD, with the 125 gr. JHP being the best. It is the standard against which everything else is compared.
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    Well said, and I agree. :cool:
  12. Yes, my thoughts: don't use them for defense.

    Hard to beat a 125gr Gold Dot HP for SD/HD.

    I use the JSP's for hog and deer hunting.
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    Hog hunting? That sounds interesting. :cool:

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