Failure to Aid a Law Enforcement Officer

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by YtownGlock, Feb 7, 2012.

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    To RussP: :thanks:

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  2. I would be especially concerned about the 'criminal lawsuit'.

  3. :rofl::rofl:
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    That guy looks so legit too. Dog and everything. :faint:
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    Ok I clicked on Rabbi's damn post. Everytime I do that I regret it. WTF now Rabbi? It's 2:15am I guess in my insomnia I just don't get the joke. :dunno:
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    What's a "criminal lawsuit"?

    There can be civil and criminal liability for the same action. That action could result in a civil lawsuit for the civil liability, and/or a criminal case for prosecution for the criminal liability. Think "O.J. Simpson".

    Had you said, "...Holy crap the civil lawsuits ... criminal lawsuits'case/liability'... damn," there'd have been no :rofl::rofl: .

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    Looks like he's scolding the dog for peeing on his wheel!!! :rofl:
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    it is always interesting how discussions such as this bring out the usual "freedom and liberty" crowd. Any hint that there may be obligations or duties imposed on them drives them bonkers. For them, "freedom and liberty" relates only to self interest and self indulgence.
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    MoneyMaker, seems you overlooked this post...
    And the answer is...
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    Moneymakers "partner" when he was "with" Denver.
  12. Actually, way back when, when I lived in the UK, there was (and still is) something called a 'private prosecution' where you can effectively press criminal charges, and prosecute through your attorney. No DA's office ( or Crown Prosecution Service as would be the case there). That probably fits the description of a criminal lawsuit.

    Not something that is permitted in the US, except maybe VIrginia, so not really relevant to the situation described, but thought it might be an interesting tidbit.

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    Guess he's been in the system before.....

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    Also true in North America in colonial times, and into the 19th-C. I know of a famous kidnapping case in Boston that was privately prosecuted.
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    OK. I see. I guess it's not a lawsuit as it is just charges.

    <---- Doesn't know anything about criminal as he hasn't even had so much as a traffic ticket.
  17. Private prosecution is also still on the books in NC. It serves a good purpose, when a sold out DA gives someone rich and or influential a pass it is the only way to get justice.
    Note it is long ago done away with in big liberal states.

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