Failure to Aid a Law Enforcement Officer

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by YtownGlock, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. YtownGlock

    YtownGlock Rookie

    I'm not a LEO, never said I was. I did attend the academy. Just never took the state test because I did not pass the Run. So I am retaking the WHOLE academy again.

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  2. YtownGlock

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    I respect that you guys corrected my mistake in calling him a "felon". I appreciate it so I do not make the same mistake in the future.

  3. BuckyP

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    Interesting law. Certainly a lot of vagueness. What is the definition of substantial risk. Also, what if you are obliged based on the law, only later to get sued in civil court for any actions you took?

    Have to find out if we have such a thing in PA. :dunno:
  4. YtownGlock

    YtownGlock Rookie

    According to "Substantial risk means a strong possibility, as contrasted with a remote or even a significant possibility, that a certain result may occur or that a certain circumstance may exist. It is risk of such a nature and degree that to disregard it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise in such a situation."

    As for being sued in civil court, heck, almost everything you do nowadays leaves the door open to Civil Court. Right or wrong.
  5. Mayhem like Me

    Mayhem like Me Semper Paratus

    Florida had a similar FSS..

    I for one would just appreciate any help, and would not expect any...
  6. As Sam has pointed out, Arizona has a similar statute and I was told at the academy that it is nearly unenforceable and none of the staffers recall ever using it or knowing of its being charged.

    When I was an instructor at the academy, I informed the class that I had never seen it applied and it is likely to never be successfully prosecuted.

    An offense and the failure to act would have to be so egregious and shocking that it would offend the jurors weighing the case.
  7. collim1

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  8. RussP


    YtownGlock, you're new here, so, if I could, I'd like to offer a bit of friendly advice. Think before you post. Chose your words carefully. Make sure you understand what you're posting before clicking on the [Submit Reply] key. You've gotten a little taste of what happens when you use a word incorrectly. Not ragging on you, just trying to save you some grief. These boys and girls in here, they can get down right mean...:cool:

    Now, you have "Rookie" under your screen name. What kind of rookie are you?

    Oh, yeah, and about maybe embellishing a story, adding in stuff that, well, might just make the story sound better...we sniff that **** out real quick.

    Welcome to Cop Talk!! :wavey:
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  9. A private citizen jumping into such a scenario with guns blazing might take a round or three from the Coppers, unless that citizen clearly identifies his/her intentions.
  10. Sam Spade

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    I once had a plan to deputize bad guys and order them to help me in their own apprehension. It has the bonus of being able to name them in a 1983 suit should they, as duly deputized officers under Arizona Statute, deprive me of my civil rights as they resist arrest---unreasonable force under the 4th Amendment dontchya know.

    I got a gold star for "out of the box" thinking, and a threatened assignment to landfill detail out of that one. :rofl:
  11. RussP


    That is priceless!!

  12. I'll buy you a beer if you can add in the preparatory charges of conspiracy, facilitation, and solicitation as defined by A.R.S. Chapter ten. [13-1002, 13-1003, and 13-1004]
  13. YtownGlock

    YtownGlock Rookie

    "Rookie" as in new to this blog/forum stuff.
  14. wjv


    Hell, Wife and I adopted two girls (in different years) from China. Every fricken time I do a Brady check it comes up as having been investigated by Child Services and the WA State PD twice. . The FBI once, and Homeland security once. . Get the 3 day delay every tine :crying:
  15. I wouldn't care who came to assist me if I needed it. Just make your intentions clear and known to the officers so they don't take action against the assisting citizen.

    NC does not have a mandatory "must aid LEO" statute. They do have one that if I request aid from a citizen and they assist me, they are now covered under our liability and can't be sued.
  16. YtownGlock

    YtownGlock Rookie

    That's a nice perk. But what happens if the citizen comes to your aid and you did not request it (but needed it), are they still covered?
  17. As a law abiding citizen, I know I would certainly be compelled to aid if I were able wether asked or not. The way the statute reads is that the citizen is required if asked as long as it does not put them in any sort of danger of harm. Here in FL we've had several LEOs that have been lost in the line of duty, I'd have no problem risking my life for someone who does the same exact thing on a daily basis.

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  18. YtownGlock

    YtownGlock Rookie

    Well said brother, I 100% agree. I would take a bullet for a LEO. Especially the ones I know personally where I live.
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  19. Deployment Solu

    Deployment Solu Kydex Crafter

    The Felon didn't want to come to the aid of the Officer's cause he'd have to whack his homies!!!!!Word!!!
  20. YtownGlock

    YtownGlock Rookie

    True dat.

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