Factory Glock Night Sights or Trijicon ?

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm about to get a new Glock 27 and need to know.. I previously had a Glock with Trijicon sights and currently have a Glock with the meprolights. I never used the factory Glock night sights but are they just as good? Not sure if I should just go with the factory sights or pay a few extra dollars for the Trijicon .

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  2. I use Ameriglo sights on my Glocks. They use Trijicon lamps and have some of the best prices around. Plus they have a lot of choices. I use the "Hackathorn" sights exclusively.


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  3. Paul53

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    Thanks for the question and response. My first Glock, a 23, should arrive today.
  4. I've got the factory ones on my 26 and they're fine. Just won't have the option of a different color for front/ rear.
  5. To answer your question, the Glock Night Sights are the way to go. I've installed many different sights on mine and other's Glocks. The Glock rear sight fits perfectly in the dovetail and the front sight fits the oval hole without excessive play. Trijicons front sights fit loose in the hole, which means you have to adjust it after installation, if you want it straight. I recently installed some Truglo's and the front sight needed some stoning to get it to fit, and the rear sight just slid into place with no resistance. It does have a set screw though, but after shooting for a windage check, I put a couple of drops of wicking grade Loctite under the sight to be sure it stayed there. Don't get me wrong, I like them all and they all work just fine, once installed. Anyway GNS has my vote.
  6. The Glock night sights are made for Glock by meprolight. I personally prefer Trijicons, but between meps, Glock, or Trijicon, you can't go wrong.
  7. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be going with the Glock factory night sights.
  8. I don't use rear tritium sights on most of my Glocks. On all but one of my Glocks (26 with green front and yellow rear tritiums by Meprolight), I use Ameriglo front tritium with the stock Glock white outline on the rear. So, for me, it would be a waste of money to get the Glock factory tritium sight set. Green on Green tritium sights don't work well for me with my glasses off in the dark.
    The front only Ameriglo tritium sights can be had for about $35.00 to $40.00. I install them myself using blue loctite.
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    +1 for ameriglow.............negative for the trijicon.
  10. My Ameriglo tritium front sight says "Trijicon" on the top.
  11. GNS are a fuzzy glow and not the sharp, focused glow of the Trijicons. Brightness between the two seems the same to me. I have the GNS because I did not want to pay the extra $15 for Trijicons. My buddy has to have the Trijicons. Everybody is different and there are soooo many choices. I have heard of internet stories about Glocks going back to the factory with dead GNS and the company replacing them. I do not have actual facts but if that were true, how sweet that would be. Good luck,
  12. Pretty big fan of my new Trijicon.
  13. I have the Ameriglo Hacks on my 19 and the Warren Tactical w/ a tritium front on my 26. Both are good, but the Warren Tacticals are ideal. I will probably be swapping out the sights on the 19 and selling the Hacks.
  14. SCC

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    gns for me at 57.00 + tax installed .. how can you beat that
  15. I prefer Trijicons myself.
  16. barth

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    Ameriglo I-dot Pro's came new on my Talo EXO G27 and I love them.
    If I buy a second Glock it will be sans NS (If it's not Talo EXO).
    And I'll add Ameriglo, or XS 24/7 Big Dots, after market.
    Sights are the best upgrade you can make to your Glock IMHO.
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    I've got both Trijicon and Ameriglo and they both work great. Matter of fact, they've been on so long now and are at the end of their life and are due to be replaced. Both have worked exactly as advertised.
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    I have Trijicon's on all my handguns. I had Meopro's and they are good also.
    I think it's a personal preference more than anything.
    I just like Trijicon's sight's and scopes.
  19. Probably can't go wrong but I have Glock night sites on the 19 and I love them, perfect and cheaper than the others.

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