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Faced with a Boston NON BELIEVER today

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by UneasyRider, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. UneasyRider

    UneasyRider C.D.B.

    Dec 1, 2005
    My brother and his wife are in town this week and it's great to see them. My other brother who lives nearby mentioned something about the Doomsday Preppers show and my sister in law from Boston just could not believe that anyone would prep for any reason (these two don't know that the rest of us prep).

    So I asked her what she would do if she could not buy food at the store since she admitted to only eating fresh food and not stocking anything. Her answer is that it will never happen.

    Now when I show them what I have on hand her answer changes to I'll come down here and let you take care of me. Now I know that this is not possible for her do to work, kids and the like so I said so and asked her if she would like to eat if things got bad. No answer, never going to happen, don't want to think about it.

    They voted for Obama. They make good money. They want the government to take care of them. When they rented to mormons who prepped she looked like they were touched when she was talking about it.

    Tomorrow I show them some technology just for kicks to see what she has to say.

    These people are a mess between the ears. How can well off, nice, educated people be so stupid?
  2. Warp


    Jul 31, 2005
    They have not personally experienced that which you are telling them is possible. It can be hard for people to accept something that they don't have any actual experience with. Chances are nobody in their inner circle has ever experienced what you are discussing with them, either.

    The mainstream media would have you believe that, by and large, it is not possible, and that people like you are "hoarders" who somehow take away from what the rest can have.

    I find it ironic that you ask how well educated people can be so stupid. Stupid people can and do get advanced degrees, all the time. I'm sure you know this by now.

  3. ArmoryDoc


    May 14, 2006
    I dunno. However it happens they managed to get that Kenyan turd elected. It'll probably happen again this next election. :crying:
  4. cyrsequipment

    cyrsequipment Angry

    Aug 8, 2004
    I have noticed that there are many people like that, they tend to be "successful", at least in their own minds, and they refuse to admit that all they have worked for could evaporate. They have acquired a lifestyle that they find comfortable and think that by doing so it proves their thinking is correct in every way. They cannot fathom that others may have a better idea or realize something that they don't... so they ridicule.

    If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time trying to "convince" them of anything. You'll just get frustrated and become the butt of their jokes. Let them stay in their world.

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    Last edited: Apr 20, 2012
  5. TangoFoxtrot

    TangoFoxtrot OIF 04-05

    Sep 10, 2008
    Nowhereville, USA
    Look your not going to change the fact their both in "it will never happen" land. People like them need to learn things the hard way, and when their bubble breaks they will get slapped in the face hard with reality.

    My brother and sister (and their 3 kids 20,18 &13 years) in law are the same way. Not I but my wife told them of our preps. Their comment was the same as your S.I.L's. Oh we will come to your house if it does. ..My reply was no you won't take care of your own family. The only way you'll be allowed here is if you bring a ton of assets with you, which they won't. They are typical freeloaders ( which make good money). So my point is ...operational security. My wife was told never to reveal what we have again!
  6. RED64CJ5


    Jul 7, 2003
    What do you expect?

    These people (Massachusetts) are the same ones who run out and buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk if the news says a Nor'easter (like a blizzard) is coming. Other than that, just pick up some milk and bread on the way home when you run out. This is engrained in most of these people. I lived with it for eight years as a temporary resident.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2012
  7. Duhhh, they voted for obama, the annointed one:whistling:
  8. sebecman


    Jun 13, 2008
  9. FireForged

    FireForged Millenium #3936 Millennium Member

    Dec 25, 1999
    Rebel South
    I am not a long term prep person but do keep about 30days of stores at home and BOB/emergency bag in the truck. I know my preps are nothing compared to most here but do feel that "some" preps are simply part of a common sense approach to being a responsible adult. That being said, I dont think there is something "wrong" with someone who chooses not to prep. Its just a risk they accept same as not wearing a seatbelt or having insurance.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2012
  10. DrSticky


    Nov 28, 2005
    Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

    People don't want to think about it. It is a hard pill to swallow to think that you worked your ass off for 60-70 hour weeks for 20 years to make corporate VP, which could be rendered worthless instantly. I see it every day. What is funny is that it doesn't take a nuke to do it either. I have seen it done with a merger.

    That is why I tell people Preps aren't all about the end of the world. Prep for what is likely to happen first. As far as starting people to prep(and I only try on family), this is where I start. Are you ready for a snow storm? House Fire? Heating Oil shortage? Extended Power Outage? If they are open you will hear them ask questions, if they aren't they will have excuses.
  11. blk69stang


    Jan 10, 2011
    Here's what you need to do: Take them out four-wheeling.

    Step 1, Get a jeep, or an older 4x4 pickup... something capable. Something with a lift kit and mud tires. Get with a local 4x4 club if you need to find someone who can help you out in your plan.

    Step 2, go out 'wheeling in the middle of the boonies. I'm talking WAY out. No cell service, no nothing. Take them off the freakin' grid.

    Step 3, get stuck/broken. Make it so the vehicle is not going to get you home without help. You will have to walk out / camp out, and you will only have what you have with you. You, with your emergency bag, will be quite comfy with basic food, clothing, and shelter. They will be hungry, cold, miserable, and bug-bitten.

    Step 4, the "homily". After you have fixed/unstuck the truck (a day or two later) and returned to civilization, relate to them how the "unthinkable" just DID happen. Relate to them how since you were prepared you weathered it just fine, while they were unprepared and were miserable / at risk (of exposure, starvation, dehydration, etc). Now you just have to tie that in to their everyday lives... Since they are from Massachussetts, you could relate it to a winter storm. Remember the ice storm of '96? What if that happened again, and they either didn't have enough warning to "stock up" just beforehand, or maybe if the storm is much worse than predicted, they would be hosed.

    They carry insurance right? Most people think a fire, a car accident, or cancer will "Never Happen", but they carry insurance anyway don't they? Prepping is no different. It is simply "insurance". Most people would say that not carrying homeowner's insurance is foolish, as a total loss of one's home would totally bankrupt them. Well guess what? Dying of starvation / disease / dehydration / civil unrest is worse than being bankrupt. THAT'S why we prep. And to make the argument that there is NO WAY the government won't be there to help them in a disaster is simply ludicrous. Did they miss that entire "Hurricane Katrina" thing? WTF did they think that was, other than a monumental failure of government to do exactly what your friends expect the .gov to do?

    If they don't get it after that, just write them off. And if they think they can come to you in a disaster thinking your preps are going to be used to provide for them, make sure they understand that they will be treated like any other lowlife looter that comes trying to steal YOUR insurance policy.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2012
  12. wjv


    Jan 17, 2002
    Pacific NW
    I would never have told them that I prep.

    Let them go on in their own little Obama approved world and don't even try to change their minds.
  13. Bolster

    Bolster Not Ready Yet!

    Jul 23, 2011
    State of Stupidity
    It's not over till it's over. This one hasn't even begun yet. Obama's had months to go negative on Romney; Romney hasn't really begun to fight yet.

    According to Dick Morris, Obama has "already lost," based on historical records of whether or not a president with ratings as low as Obama's, can win re-election.

    So let's not throw in the towel too soon.

    Regards "intelligent people," when they go ideological, they're worse than normal people. All that intelligence gets perverted to support and reinforce their ideological system.

    I could give you a long list of brilliant people who were profoundly wrong.

    When normal people are wrong, they're just wrong. When brilliant people are wrong, they're spectacularly, grossly, amazingly, mind-numbingly, hanging-from-the-chandeliers wrong.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2012
  14. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    Jan 26, 2001
    many people who are finacially better off do not want to admit that "it can happen to them" because that would require them to look inside of themselves and see failure, cowardice, ineptitude and other uncomfortable things....

    the head in the sand defense is what they rely on.
  15. pugman


    May 16, 2003
    there is a song lyric which goes "some people you just can't reach..."

    Apply here.
  16. plasticgunz

    plasticgunz Swollen Member CLM

    You already screwed up and showed them your setup.
  17. UneasyRider

    UneasyRider C.D.B.

    Dec 1, 2005
    It's my brother and his wife, I would share it with them anyway if they could live here in troubled times. I just don't get the total denial that it could happen and the "How could people do that, just save up food and wait for a disaster, it's so ghoulish."
  18. NecoDude


    Mar 22, 2011
    No Name City...
    When younger, I've been in snow storms that closed the road to town for 8 days or so. Traded eggs for milk and honey from nearby farms. Had plenty of game in the freezer, that's how we weathered that. We were lucky... Now with my own family, I'm not depending on luck any more for an event like a snowstorm or a $hitstorm...

    I know people with Masters Degrees that couldn't pour water out of a boot with the instructions written on the sole...
  19. quake

    quake Millennium Member

    Aug 4, 1999
    Arkansas, USA
    Big +1. Preps are for anything that rocks the family boat; doesn't have to be nukes, mayans, zombies or chicken flu. Could be layoffs, mergers, unexpected deaths, ice storms, whatever.

    Mine wasn't "20 years to get to vice-president", it was 9 years to get to where there was only one person in the state above me in the org chart of a multinational corporation. One merger and bam; no job, pension gone, kids & wife still counting on me. I was fortunate that it was in better economic times and didn't become a "critical" situation. In today's economy, it could be a whole other story; and I suspect a more common story as well nowadays.

    No zombies, no UN blue helmets, no bio-weapons necessary; a lot of "shtf" is personal in nature.

    Don't dismiss the zombie threat off-hand though...
  20. Bolster

    Bolster Not Ready Yet!

    Jul 23, 2011
    State of Stupidity

    Recently I've been thinking of prepping as "hardening the target." Because that's really what I'm doing. I'm trying to bullet-proof my family.