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Face to face with evil... creepy stories

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Just_plinking, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Dennis in MA

    Dennis in MA Get off my lawn

    Aug 16, 2001
    Taunton, MA
    Eye c whut u did their.
  2. GlockinNJ


    Apr 24, 2011
    That was the creepiest thing I ever read. I have chills running up and down my spine right now. Excellent!

  3. countrygun


    Mar 9, 2012
    Odd thing (sure can't say "funny") but I have known a couple of grisly murderers, more pedophiles, assorted sadistic people, and what has horrified me most is many of them there are out there. I mean to say that at some point it is all wrong and the more grisly the act really doesn't make it MORE wrong, it was wrong in the first place from the moment they got the idea.

    Other than that, I once saw someone put catsup on a med/rare rib eye steak, THAT was pure evil.
  4. GlockPride

    GlockPride Glock 23

    Aug 21, 2006
    Just OK
    Great thread. Lots of interesting posts with great insight.

    I've had a couple weird instances:

    I was five or six and me and a buddy were playing hide and seek. We went into an attached shed on a nearby rent house. Someone came behind us and locked us in. No light and its pitch black in there, no knife or tool to get out and stuck with a kid I didn't care much for. After a couple hours we were let out. Always carry a flashlight now.

    I was a latch key kid and was approached a couple times by people trying to lure me over to their car, but I never got grabbed.

    My wife and I were stalked for several months in college. To the point the deans brought in some state and federal help. Reason #1 why I conceal carry. They never caught 'them' but the prime suspect was found dead a few months later.

    I'm sure there are others, but not thinking real clear tonight.
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  5. I have chatted with several hundred of them (molesters) not one has ever shown any remorse or anything in the least. They regret that they got caught and are now listed on the internet for anyone with a computer to see. Youngest from 14 to 78 was my spread,,,,and some were women.
  6. Just_plinking


    Jan 24, 2012
    off topic but, what kind of racing do you do? sounds like a new thread lol.
  7. GTstarbai


    Jan 16, 2013
    South FL
    tagged...will post my own after getting the details from dad
  8. nikerret

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    Mar 29, 2005
    The most creepy thing I've experienced was when I was around twelve years old. My best friend's grandfather owned a lot of land in South central Kansas.

    My friend and I used ot take our BB and pellet guns and go on adventures. One of our favorite activities was to walk the river. The Medicine River is usually around two feet deep, on average. However, areas may be very deep, over ten feet deep with swirls that would suck you under. We walked in the water, catching animals and talking. Often, we would see things that would usually hear us; the running river water masked our noise well.

    We had his father drop us off a couple of miles up the road from where we camped. We knew his father would be gone the rest of the day and we were excited to do man stuff.

    We had been walking for a while, through a few fence lines, and hadn't seen anything, but we had heard something else walking in the water, behind us. It wasn't uncommon to find deer, hogs, or cattle making a racket in the river; especially, on hot summer days, such as this. Our investigations into the water-splasher behind us yielded no explanation, yet it continued. We figured it was just an animal we couldn't see as the river rarely runs in straightaways.

    We then rounded a corner and found a dead bovine. The kill was a day, or so, old, but there were no flies nor odor. The animal's eyes had been cut out and there were symbols cut into its hide. We recognized one symbol, the inverted pentagram. After a bit of investigation, and poking it with sticks, we continued on, firearms at the ready.

    We both found ourselves looking back, over our shoulders, thereafter. The noise-maker had stopped following us, but there just seemed to be something watching us. Neither of us admitted our fear, at that time, though it was palpable.

    We coninued on. I felt things were going to be normal, not becuase I felt they were returning to normal, only because nothing really had happened to us.

    All of the sudden, the wind stopped. For those of you unfamiliar, the wind in KS is a constant. When the wind stopped, so did all of the ambient noises that never stop, in nature. It was completely silent.

    My friend and I stood motionless until we started to turn toward one another. Right in front of us, about ten feet, the river water rose up taller than his father stood. The water twisted counter-clockwise. It twisted gradually, then sharply near the top before the water rained down on us. Both of us felt the water's strike, but neither of us were wet from its landing.

    Then, everything returned to normal. We both looked at each other and promptly left the river to walk through the field to the road.

    We then disussed it, at length, over and over, that trip.

    He and I walked that river many times after that. We often found ourselves speaking of that incident, both while walking the river, and after lengthy times apart.
  9. My sister had this cat .....

    Just kidding, but with all the idiots talking about our 2nd rights and such right now, a few of us were talking the other night.

    We were wondering how many serial killers are on the loose right now - and wonder how many they have murdered without a firearm being involved at all?
  10. chairfarce331532


    Feb 4, 2009
    When I was in high school, I worked at a plant store and nursery.

    One day we had a gentleman come in and purchase a shovel and a bag of lime. This was a pretty normal purchase, but something seemed off about him. Shortly after he left our store he was stopped by the police. When they searched the trunk of his car, they found the shovel and bag of lime, along with his mother's dead body. He was on his way to dispose of her when he came to get some tools.
  11. Willfulone

    Willfulone CCA Corvette

    Dec 14, 2012

    On any given day in the US, the est. is 165

  12. Smithers


    Sep 29, 2012
    This whole thread is super creepy, but I can't look away.

    Sorry about the bad clown comment :)
  13. jthrelf


    Sep 14, 2012
    some creepy stuff!!!

    When I was about 8 there were reports and rumors going around the neighborhood of a red van trying to coax children in, abduct them, etc... now admittedly I dont remember if they were actual reportings, or my brother and the older kids in the neighborhood blowing steam...

    Right around that time I was in my front yard alone standing on the utility box, and the funny part is that I remember having a rake and my plan was that if I saw the red van, I was just going to fight off the stalker with it... real tough.

    Well, like it was perfectly timed, while I was out there... a red van pulled up and stopped in front of my mailbox, about 25 feet away from me. I ran into my house the fastest I have ever run in my entire life... I swear I could have pulled a Juggernaut and busted right through the door I was moving so quickly.
  14. blk69stang


    Jan 10, 2011
    My wife grew up in a small town in central Kansas. She had a weird kid in her High School class (graduated late 90's, early 2000's). Kid was nice enough but just seemed really "off". His last name was Rader.

    Yep. His uncle was Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. When he was arrested in 2005, my wife realized that BTK had attended her HS graduation. And she fit the profile of most of his victims. Freaked her out pretty good.

    I had one happen to me that I forgot about entirely unil this thread. Living in Yuma during the first year of my current job, I was a single guy living in a cookie-cutter in a nice little subdivision. Wasn't uncommon to have solicitors, but being a grumpy hermit and working alot of night shifts (thus being pissed when they woke me up during the day), I usually sent them packing quickly.

    One day, I got the usual mid-day wake-up call from the doorbell. PO'd I looked out the window instead of opening the door (I was still in my sleepwear, didn't feel like answering the door in my undies). I could see a dark SUV parked out front, an Xterra I think. A late 20's or early 30's hispanic guy and a mid 20s hispanic girl were there. "What do you want?" I asked without opening the door. They claimed to be selling Kirby vacuums. Knowing how pricey those are, wanting to go back to bed, and having left my pistol back on the night stand, I told them to piss off and I went back to bed.

    Couple days later at work they put out some "officer safety" intel at muster. Apparently, several people in town (to include some fellow agents) had been the victims of a home invasion scheme. A hispanic male and female in a black Xterra were claiming to be Kirby vacuum salespeople, but once the door was opened an accomplice hiding around the corner would emerge and all three would produce guns and tie up the homeowner while they robbed the place. One lady in town had been beaten pretty badly. Kirby vacuum confirmed that no legit salespeople were working in the Yuma area.

    And since I'm thinking about Yuma...

    At work we have a separate holding area for the "aggravated felons" until they are processed or transferred to another facility. Most look like scumbags, but a few have that "dark eyes, serial killer" look about them. They're the ones that scare the other agg felons.

    My wife taught second grade in Yuma, and there was a kid in her class who had that exact same look. There had also been some cats and dogs mysteriously mutilated in the alley near where this kid lived. Even though he wasn't "bad" in class, I know that kid is pure evil. I guarantee you that someday in about 10 years or so you will hear about a serial killer in the Yuma area with the first name "Osvaldo".
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  15. nostalgiaguy


    Apr 24, 2012
    Lenoir NC
    I was working a night security job in San diego back in the early 90s . It was a small business complex and and It was the usual observe and report type stuff. Make rounds in the parking lot , Check doors and twiddle thumbs all night. One night as I was patroling about 4 am I heard a voice from the bushes in a corner of the lot calling me over. There was a guy pleading for me to come over and help him. I had left my Gun at home that evening as it was a unarmed position (which most the time I ignored) . Anyway I made a B line for the tattoo shop in the complex which had a former gangbanger living in there . I asked him to be my backup as approached the voice. The crazy little Gangbnger took off for the corner of the lot and left me in the dust. He was hollaring gang stuff to the guy and the guy was responding with Gang stuff I couldnt unstand in half english and half spanish. Turns out the guy in the bushes had just wrecked during a chase of the freeway a few miles over making a drug run from mexico to LA. My "backup" aksed him why he wanted me to come over. He siad he had planned on killing me and taking my truck. The guy was cold and heartless and very as a matter of fact about wanting to kill me. A plan was hatched to help this guy out. He had no money so I gave him 3 bucks and told him where a bus stop was a 1/2 mile down the road and when the bus would be there in a few hours. Gangbanger thanked me and headed off for the bustop. I had given him route info and how to get up north more. Once I saw him down there sitting at the bustop I promptly alerted the police and took pleasure as they drove up and arrested the guy. I think it took all day to come down from that.
  16. bw4064


    Feb 8, 2012
    This story doesn't really involve looking at evil but it left me very uneasy for quite a while afterwards.

    I live in an apartment with 2 roommates. Two of us went out to visit some friends not sure what the other roommate was doing. We returned and both had went went to bed around 1:30 a.m. We assumed that my other roommate had already went to bed.

    My bedroom in the apartment is on the first floor. I always lock my bedroom door just out of habit.

    I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to the handle of my bedroom door being shaken like someone was trying to come in. The twisting and shaking got worse like someone was trying harder to get in. I immediately got out of bed and called out asking if it was one of my roommates. I received no response.

    I continued to ask the person shaking the door to identify themselves. After a few minutes of this and the shaking getting more intense I began to worry that my roommate who I hadn't seen all night had come home after me and forgotten to lock the front door.

    Completely freaked out at this point I grabbed my G26. I held the gun close to me as I opened the door and yelled at person to step back and identify himself.

    The guy was a shirtless man much bigger than me clearly very drunk. He immediately stepped back and told me his name. I asked if he knew either one of my roommates. He finally remembered that my roommate I had not seen all night was someone he knew and had allowed to him to stay at the house to sleep off being so drunk. The man was so drunk he wasn't sure where he was and was looking for the front door.

    The next day I told the roommate that brought him back that he should NEVER bring someone like that to the house again. Unlike most stories this ends with no one being hurt. However I was left very shaken. It makes me wonder how often incidents like this end the wrong way.

    Looking back I know I should have stayed in my room and called 911 instead of confronting the person. Luckily he meant me no harm and was just a total idiot who shouldn't have drank that much. He was lucky he wasn't shot and I was lucky that he meant me no harm.
  17. crimdelacrim


    Jun 25, 2012
    Just a creepy woods story. Can't remember if I posted it back then or not.
    My friend's family owns a ton of land in a very rural part of Mississippi (about an hour and a half drive away from the city). Many of my friend's relatives flew planes. His land has a landing strip that has seen declined use as of late. Before we got busy with med school, etc. we would take a weekends worth of beer, some girls, or just a bunch of guys to bro out with if we couldn't find enough girls, and just kick it out at his cabin.

    One weekend, a few of us decided we needed a fishing expedition and my friend happily obliged. Normally, we check the air strip on the way in but we decided to hurry up and get our lines in the water. As it started to get dark (it gets REALLY dark out here if the moon is not out) we decided to go in and start up the grill and crank some tunes. For the rest of my life, I won't forget what happens next.

    Led Zeppelin was playing on the radio and we just threw burgers on the grill. All 4 of us were sitting around shooting the *****. All of the sudden, a sound I hadn't heard this close in several years. Two engines had just turned over on the air strip. We could distinctly tell what they both were. One was a 4 wheeler heading this way. The other was unmistakably the sound of a single prop airplane in the PITCH dark of night. One guy said "is that what I think it is?" while my friend and I looked at each other, mouths open, because we both knew exactly what that sound was. "(Friends name), please tell me we brought your gun," was the next thing out of my mouth. "No." It is a good thing girl's weren't with us because some of my friends were being little b*tches but rightfully so. We doused the lights in the cabin and fumbled with the radio until it became silent. Obviously, the plane has been on the airstrip all day or we would have heard it come in. They were probably already aware of our presence the entire time (we had classic rock on full blast for at least a few hours). Thankfully, the ATV did not come close enough to the cabin and it booked it off of our land. Our call to the sheriff had confirmed my initial suspicions. Most likely drug traffickers. They seek out remote, abandoned air strips and fly drugs across the states in the dead of night using night vision and no lights. He also agreed that the reason we were probably alive is because they must have thought we were a bunch of rednecks that most likely had guns.
  18. crimdelacrim


    Jun 25, 2012
    Locked bedroom door and chambered a round...
    haha but this has happened to me...multiple times actually. I will be downstairs at my condo and a drunk ass will beat the hell out of the door or just come on in if the door is unlocked (which it usually never is). Every single time it has been some guy looking for his girl/girlfriends townhouse. They are very pretty condos but very symmetrical and similar looking in appearance. I always appear to be nice, laugh it off, and explain to the moron that so and so doesn't live here. Little do they know that dozens of variables are flying through my head on whether or not they posing a threat.
    Edit: Just to point out, if they weren't guys my age looking just how I look coming home from a bar, I would have handled this even more differently. This is when I was a student in a small college town.
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  19. clarson_75


    Mar 25, 2010
    You are both apparently much nicer then me. I had this happen while going to college. The "confused" gentleman barged into my apartment while looking for someone else. He politely answered my questions with an 870 in his face and a big quiver in his lip. Never saw him again, but I like to think there is a good chance he never drank again as well.
  20. SMOKEin


    Feb 23, 2007
    Type, erase, type, erase...

    Uggh.. Google Jeffery Williams and Gary Evans. Both from my hometown, JW killed my cousin. Gary Evans was a serial killer who bunked with Berkowitz and dismembered bodies with a chainsaw. I'll never forget the day he "jumped" from the police van and landed 80ft below the bridge. Splat scumbag.