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Face to face with evil... creepy stories

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Just_plinking, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Paul53

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    Nov 27, 2011
    I was working as an EMT in Southern New Mexico in the early 80's. Had a call for an assault. Turned out to be a woman who looked about 18, but was much older, having lived and cared for herself well. She was unconscious from having been stabbed in the head with a screwdriver, and died shortly after arrival at the ER.

    Several years later I worked as an LPN for the NM Department of Corrections while pursuing my RN education. One of the inmates was the convicted murderer of the woman I mentioned earlier. He was on a fair amount of anti psychotic medication. I never had a conversation with him, never even saw him talk. He came to the med line, took his meds, and went his way. Always had the "thousand yard stare."

    One day I arrived at work and the prison was on lock down. The same guy had killed a corrections officer. Beat him to death with a piece of wood, in full view of inmates and security. They were in the lieutenants office which had bullet proof glass looking into the compound. The inmate had barricaded the door from the inside, and there was no way to get in until he chose to come out. The guard he beat to death was in his early thirties, married with a 3 year old and newborn child.

    The inmate was turned over to the feds for his own protection, routine since he wouldn't be safe in NM. Some months later I read about him killing another guard at a prison in Florida. Heard no more of him, but so wish that justice was finally done for him.
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  2. crowwmn


    Jan 19, 2013
    Pacific Northwest
    I work as the evening shift charge RN on one of two all male State Forensic Admission units. This is the receiving place for persons that have been arrested for crimes, heinous and minor, that are sent to the Psychiatric Hospital for Evaluation or Competency Restoration. It is our job to observe, evaluate, medicate and document the mental status of these patients. Some of them arrive and we can not make them take any medications so they are on the ward with the 26-28 other patients, unmedicated and still fully psychotic. It takes considerable med refusals and that patient consistently presenting a danger to themselves or others in order to get a court order to medicate them against their will.
    So, this is the story of who I will call Joe, not his real name. He is a patient that was in the hospital for assault. What he did was he was out in the community, fully decompensated (off his meds), walking down the street when he saw a woman walking toward him that his voices told him was evil. He then proceeded to stab her multiple times before bystanders attempted to catch him, he ran off, the police found him later hissing and fighting like a feral dog ... and he was sent to our ward. The woman did not die of her injuries, which is why his charges were assault, and due to his mental incapacity it was not considered attempted murder, but assault. He is a frequent flier ... meaning they let him out, he decomps, he comes back for charges ... they let him out again, he comes back with ever increasing severity of charges.
    So one evening I came on the ward at the beginning of my shift and Joe had just been placed in Seclusion. This is where a patient is locked in his room usually due to a violent incident. He had made an unprovoked assault on a peer. He was screaming, yelling, placing curses on any and all. I looked in the port at him and we met eyes ... every hair on the back of my neck stood on end. The look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, the words coming out of him. 'Joe' wasn't there. I'm telling truth here, there was something else. I am not superstitious. I am not airy fairly new age all about spirits and fluffy poophy kum ba ya stuff, but seriously ... the Joe I had come to know was gone and something else was looking out that port at me that was unvarnished evil incarnate, deeply primal and absolutely frightening. Just to be sure I saw what I thought I saw, I grabbed a co-worker and, very casually said, "Hey, Mary, come take a look at this and tell me what you think". So, she looked in at Joe, met eyes with him, then backed away and leaned up against the wall as if the breath had just been sucked out of her, and said, "OMG! That's the Devil!" OK, so Mary IS a bit superstitious, but my point is, this is coming face to face with unmedicated full blown psychosis.
    You think that is the scary part of my story, but it's not. A court order was finally obtained to medicate Joe against his will. When Joe is medicated he is a very soft spoken, kind of shy, quiet little guy and can engage in reality based conversation. He is non-violent and nonthreatening. Due to his mental status of being incompetent and mentally ill, his charges were dropped. He is now in the Civil Commitment side of the hospital where he is receiving continued treatment to then be filtered out and released in to the community. The first thing he will likely do, as many psychiatric patients do after release, is to stop taking their meds. This is his pattern. He is medicated, restored, behaves well and is then released in to the community again.
    This is why it is that when something heinous or horrible occurs in the community 9 times out of 10 they will find that the person has psychiatric treatment history. Then will be the folks that will say ... "it was the awful psychiatric meds that made him do it!" but I am here to tell, it's not the meds ... it is when they STOP taking the meds. These guys are released to the community and there is no further enforcement of meds. They then decompensate and become that psychotic and dangerous person again. It happens over and over and over.

    This is why I began to conceal carry a few years back. I know who they are letting out and THAT is the scary part of my story ...
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    Great first post! Thanks for the reality...:shocked:
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    Jan 19, 2013
    Pacific Northwest
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    Pacific Northwest
    Thanks Vart! Yes, that was my first post! I'm new to the site. I recently got my 2nd Glock and a friend recommended I join. I'm glad I did ... learning a lot and looking forward to learning more. This was the perfect thread for me to break out of lurking. :snoopy:
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  7. Austin Millbarge

    Austin Millbarge

    Dec 8, 2012
    Many years ago, I had Joshua Komisarjevski (of the Petit home invasion) in my cruiser. I drove him around with another cop while he pointed out houses he had broken into. Including another Trooper's house. Talked about walking around in houses while people were home asleep. The creepiest, scariest MF'er I have crossed paths with in 17 years in law enforcement. I bought him a Filt-O-Fish and fries so he would keep confessing crimes. He should have been in prison for many years on those burglary charges, but our wonderful courts released him.
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  8. glockurai


    Sep 2, 2010
    Here's something strange that happened to me.

    When I was around 13 I lived temporarily in a rural area in Honduras. When I say rural I mean gravel roads and no street lights. My uncle had purchased a rather large house who according to some was haunted. One night around 2 am I heard someone walking up and down the hallways. It would happen for a few minutes and then stop. At one point I wondered why my uncle was walking around at 2 in the morning. Anyways around 4 am I hear someone attempting to open my wooden bedroom window. I couldn't see anything but it was definitely not the wind. Being well aware of the ruthlessness of gangs in the area I snuck over to my uncle's room. I woke him up and told him to grab the rifle. Even though he was barely awake he didn't question me. He grabbed his rifle and followed me into the room. Once in the room he to observed the window being pulled on. BTW this is all happening in the dark as to not give away the element of surprise. Anyhow, I tell my uncle that on the count of three I would swing the window open and that he should start firing right away. I swung the window open and he immediately began shooting into the darkness. He must have fired between 8-10 rounds. When the shooting stopped it was dead silent. There was no one there. We went outside and saw nothing. It wasn't even windy. Once inside I asked him as to why he was walking up and down the hallway. He said that he thought it was me.
  9. Potentially last night. Let's just say when I got home I upped the typical loadout and watched the road until about 6:00 a.m.
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    Apr 10, 2008
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    Do tell!
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    Mar 2, 2009
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    Similarly, my husband and I had a pop-up camper and decided to take a camping trip out west. We asked a very good friend that had been very recently widowed if she wanted to go with us and she readily agreed. While camping in Taos, NM early one morning - not yet daylight - the camper began to shake and sway as we felt our friend rustling in her end of the camper, walk across the floor, and exit the camper. The noise and movement had roused my husband and myself, but we didn't say anything as we both made the assumption she had left to go use the bathroom.

    Quite a period of time passed and our friend didn't return and I started getting alarmed that something was wrong so I wondered aloud, "Isn't she ever going to come back?" When I said that, our friend responded from her end of the camper with, "I am here. I thought one of you had gotten up to go use the bathroom." We were all immediately wide awake and got up to try and figure out what had happened. We all agreed that someone (thing) had been in the camper moving and walking around and that the door had actually opened and shut and someone (thing) had exited, but that it hadn't been any of us.

    My husband and I were totally creeped out but our friend very calmly told us that she had been feeling the presence of her deceased husband the entire trip up until that point and believed what we had experienced was him being satisfied that everything was going well for her and it had been him leaving the camper that morning.

    I don't believe in ghosts, but I know for a fact that there was something in our camper that morning that hadn't entered the same way it left.

    This obviously isn't a story about something evil, but something pretty creepy that we were unable to explain.
  12. econjon


    Aug 10, 2004
    My sister was newly married back in 2001 and she and her husband were in the process of moving out of state and were temporarily staying in one of my parent's spare bedrooms for a few days on their way out of town. I was in college still living at home. One morning at about 2am my mom knocks on my bedroom door and asks if I can come upstairs. When I get up there my parents, sister and brother-in-law were sitting on the bed in the spare bedroom talking. I looked on the bed and in the middle of all of them is my dad's Sako .30-06 hunting rifle. Apparently my sister had woken up and found the rifle lying between she and her husband and nobody had any idea how it got there. They wondered if I was playing a joke. My dad had stored it in his gun room after the deer hunt months before and hadn't touched it since. Anyway, we stayed up for an hour trying to figure it out and couldn't come up with a scenario that made sense. My mom put fresh sheets on the day before and it obviously wasn't there then. My sister knew it wasn't there when they had gone to bed that night, it freaked my dad out pretty good and I know I didn't do it. My brother in law didn't know anything about my dad's guns, etc. It was pretty weird.
  13. jbailey8


    Dec 16, 2007
    Roanoke, VA
    I experienced something similar to this last year. My wife and I were at her parents' house, the kids were at the table eating in the kitchen and the adults were hanging out in the living room. My 9 year old son ran into the room mouth agape, red faced. I immediately knew he was choking and jumped up and gave him the Heimlich. The chicken came out and I hugged him tightly.

    I've been to Iraq, twice as an infantryman. I've seen suicide bombers, car bombers, hurt and killed soldiers; seeing my son choking and the look of "please help me" on his face was the scariest moment of my life. I still tear up thinking of what could've happened if he didn't rush into the living room. I remember being about his age and choking on a Werthers Original my moms friend undoubtedly saved my life.

    Sorry to get off topic. Great thread.

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  14. One of the things that has been a surprise when I encountered dangerousness people was how normal many seemed. I had a fellow high school student that had the locker next to mine for 3 years. In our senior year she killed and burned her parents up in the fireplace. She seemed like anyone else, even after she did it

    Later in life , in the medical profession I had patients that were incarcerated and became ill during trial. They may have seemed a tad quite , but not anything abnormal. A few were very well known mass murderers. The creepy thing was how average they seemed at the time
  15. CJStudent

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    Nov 3, 2005
    I deal with them in the prison I work in every day. It can really open your eyes to how evil people can be and still look/act perfectly normal. Murderers, child molesters, and worse.
  16. engineer151515


    Nov 3, 2003
    . . . you know, maybe I'll save this story for another time.
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  17. Thanks crowwmn.

    An excellent insight, and not one I would have foreseen or have understood. Still, she's little and cute, and has been approached by some creepy sorts over the years. Worked in home health care in people's homes. I wouldn't go unarmed under those circumstances for the world, but we are dealing with the female mind.

    I guess that's why there are so many missing women that will never be found....But. That said. I will hold that good thot, and hope she lives to see her now three year old's children.

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  18. MNOD Glocker

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    Aug 13, 2008
    Central Minnesota
    A few years ago I was in college and had to write a criminal justice paper about Criminal Vehicular Homicide (CVH). I had to define the statute, what it meant, and then give an example of the statute in real life. The catch was, the crime had to have been a real crime that was reported in the news.

    Ironically there had just been an incident where a female in her 60's had killed her husband by running him over with her Jeep. She then took a rope, tied his feet together, and drug him behind her Jeep out into the woods and left him there. Eventually his body was found and she was arrested for CVH. I got an "A-" on the paper by the way.

    Fast forward a few years to the current department I work for. I'm working in the detention center and am helping a couple of transport officers because they were short handed that day. As I pick up a load of inmates from one facility, my partner points to this one female and says, in a rather joking manner, "watch out for her, she's dangerous."

    The female was in her 60's, heavy set (we had to move her in a wheel chair because she had a hard time walking), and had the appearance of a nice church going lady, and was very nice and polite when she talked with us. I did not know at the time what her charges were that landed her in jail. So anyway, I do the transport, get back to our jail, and I asked my partner what he meant by his earlier statement. He then explained to me she had killed her husband by running him over, and then dragged his body into the woods. Suddenly it dawned on me; "this is the woman I wrote the paper about!!!"

    Later that day she goes to court, and I have to wheel her to the court room in her chair. She looks at me and says "do you know why I am here?" and I respond that yes, I do know why and I told her she had actually been the topic of my paper in college. She asked me if I got a good grade on it and I responded I had. She then looked at me, smiled this weird, evil smile, and said "I did my part." :wow:
  19. There is a reason I am pro death penalty for capitol murder amongst other crimes. I keep noting one thing throughout this thread. Evil. Proud. Unadulterated. Evil. And so often it comes wrapped in nice polite looking packaging.

    Makes me want to carry even where and when I could be arrested for it...

    As a state trooper told an elderly (Very gun friendly) friend of my parent's...."The criminals are right there. They pass by every day, and your home is a few hundred yards away and the first one on the road." He was pointing to a lonely few miles of Rt 50. She kept her revolver handy wherever she was in the house.

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