Extractor Tuning on P380

Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by Irelander, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Irelander

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    I have a P380 and I love it. It rides with me everywhere. After getting the new recoil spring assembly I am now about 98% happy with my Kahr. The only issue I have now is that it throws the empty casings right in my face or on top of my head. I haven't detail stripped the gun to inspect the extractor and ejector for issues yet but I was wondering if anyone here had some advice on tuning the extractor in a Kahr. I've read a fair amount about tuning a Glock extractor but I haven't dove into the particulars of the Kahr yet. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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  2. You are the beta tester; let us know what works.

  3. Irelander

    Irelander Glocker

    Ok, I'll give it a go.
  4. Cokeman

    Cokeman Glock 23

    Go to Kahrtalk.
  5. that model is too new and has a lot of bugs yet to be fixed at the factory before they sell them.....
  6. Haven't they been out awhile? I have had mine over a year maybe 2 and it runs great. I did polish the feed ramp but I do this on all pocket pistols.
  7. tHAst the part that sucks....theyve been out for a little while and still cant get it right out of the box many times.
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  8. I guess I got lucky then. Hopefully they will get it together. I'd like a back up eventually.
  9. seems many of the poly kahrs have to be "kel-tec'ed: to make them run right, be it after several trips to the factory or kitchen table gunsmithing by their frustrated owners.
  10. BroncoAZ

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    I've had my P380 since 2010. I own 3 poly Kahr's and two steel Kahr's, I haven't had any issues that required kitchen counter smithing. My PM9 and CW9 have been excellent from round 1. I followed Jocko's break in on the Kahrtalk forum on both of them.

    The P380 can be picky on ammo, especially JHP rounds. The design is pushing the limit of smallness. The stroke of the slide is so short and the feed ramp so steep that wide mouth JHP ammo like the Winchester PDX doesn't feed in mine. The Hornady FTX or zombie ammo has a narrow profile and feeds great in my P380. I had some flat nose Winchester FMJ ammo that also didn't work, but most of the others I have tried are fine.
  11. After polishing my feed ramp mine eats pdx1 however when racking the slide you have to do it like you mean it. Oddly enough mine has always gobbled up dpx which is pretty wide.

    Mine eats Critical defense, DPX, and pdx 1. I'm sure it would eat others as well but these are all I carry in 380 so they are all I have tested as far as JHPs.

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