EXTRACTOR lubrification ?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by tucojuanramirez, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Hi my dear American Friends!
    Just a question!
    May I lube the extractor or does it works dry?
    For lubrification I want to say just a little bit where it's sitted.
    Thank you!

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  3. SCSU74

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    No lube

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  4. ok, no lube...
    I've read many threads about extractor's issue on G19gen4...
    Since I clean the extractor (first time in my G19gen4 life) I've got two FTF, and so I supposed that I clean too much the extractor and where it's sitted, also the factory grease I thought.
    Thank you.
  5. No lubrification :upeyes::whistling:required, whatsoever..
  6. How's your Italian?
  7. robhic

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    When I first polished the metal parts inside my Glock pistols, I had a bit of polishing compound on a piece of cardboard. I rubbed the extractor on this spot top and bottom. It polished the extractor a little bit and I think it keeps things moving with NO lubrication. Good luck!
  8. I still put a drop of CLP on the back pivot end, articulate it to disperse the lube, and then wipe off the excess, including any crud in and around the extractor or claw.

    But then again, I grease the rails too... so there's that. :supergrin:

    If it rotates - Oil it. If it slides - Grease it. (except for the Glock firing-pin)

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  9. Arc Angel

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    NOT an extractor issue. More than likely it's either a weak ammo or limp-wristing error on your part. Dry the extractor and internal slide channels. Use something like Q-Tips in order to get the job done right. Then lube your Glock according to the Owner's Manual. Be sure to get the slide rails and tracks.

    If your recoil spring is weak, then change the RSA (recoil spring assembly). Do a standard operation check, per the Owner's Manual, and make sure your striker (FP) safety and striker move freely, too.

    More than likely it's either weak ammo or YOU! (So, tighten up your gun hand wrist, and pull down more on the frame with your support hand and arm.
  10. hamster

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    I thought it was George Bush

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    Naaaa...dont be "blamin" old George....probably it was `your` chosen One since he`s still active...and since you mentioned it. :supergrin:
  12. voyager4520

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    You shouldn't have any excess oil around the extractor, the oil will only accumulate fouling more quickly which will inhibit the free movement of the extractor and can cause failures to feed and failures to eject.

    The FTF's could be an ammo issue or a magazine issue. If I'm not mistaken, being in Italy your G19 would be chambered in 9x21. Are there any numbers marked on the followers of your magazines? Are they 10-round magazines or 15-round magazines?

    I'd try holding the gun more firmly in case it's caused by limp-wristing, if that doesn't fix the problem try some different brands of ammo if you can.
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  13. For god's sake, no lube on extractors or firing pins.
  14. Every time I use Fiocchi 124 gr. I have got some problems.
    I'm pretty sure that every 35/40 rounds, one of them it's weak.
  15. I've lightly lubed the extractor (where it's shiney from rubbing) since the 80's. Anything that is shiny from wear needs a thin layer as rust prevention IMO. Old School training. A thin layer of modern ester lubricant will leave a protective film when dry and there will be no accumulation of carbon beyond normal as well as making cleaning easier. Not that the force exerted by a spent cartridge does not have enough force to overcome the extractor spring's resistance, but lubricant surely aids the process as in any other mechanical area where metals meet via friction.
  16. Exactly!
  17. vmann

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    easy there....there is no reason one cant wipe everything down with a oiled cloth, i am by no means suggesting that you put oil on everything, but there is nothing wrong with wiping everything down with an oiled cloth or a silicone gun cloth....
  18. jay1975

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  19. Oil has three functions: lubrication (friction reduction), corrosion reduction, and wear reduction. At the same time we want to minimize fouling buildup and maximize reliability. Not all of these goals are complementary. For me the goal of reliability in a carry gun trumps all the others. Whatever you decide to use, test your system! I have found that a very thin layer of some lubes can attract fouling.

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