extra power mag springs

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by d123gaw, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Who all has put in the extra power mag springs and did it solve all your FTF problems?

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  3. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    i use wolff springs in mine, but more so because I use +2 base pads. never had an issue with them. gunsprings.com is a great company with great products. I also use their service packs

  4. When and if I have a factory magazine spring go soft it gets replaced with Wolff plus springs,never any feed problems. SJ 40
  5. Warp


    Where do you guys buy them?
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  7. I've had some issues with wolf+10% in my g20. I shoot some 200 gr HC that have some very wide meplets. My mags with wolf springs would give me ftfeed with the meplet catching the top of the chamber on the way in. And it was doing it 2-3 times per mag. I switched to my mags with stock springs and everything feed fine. FYI I was also testing some 11 coil glock springs (which seemed stiffer than wolf) and they also caused jams. Now all my mag spring combos worked great with all my other loads I normally shoot. I think if you really needed a mag that much faster you would need to mod the follower. One of the reasons I think there's been so many changes in the .40 mags. Stiffer springs , change followers.
  8. I'm just kinda at a loss. I thought I'd try the springs.

    I've got a lasermax guide rod and a weapon light. I'm sure the combination isn't helping my situation but i've had ftf with a couple different hollow points and a couple different mags. FMJ never fails (strange?).

    I'll keep trying to dial it in I guess
  9. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

  10. With the factory recoil spring and 180gr gold dots it was still failing to feed. Even with the Mongolian death grip still failed. Finally took the x300 light off and finished the magazine with out a hitch.
    This makes me sad. Very sad.
    I really love having the light but don't want it if it's hurting performance. Any thoughts from anybody?
  11. DannyR

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    Yup, get a Surefire or Streamlight hand held flashlight.
  12. For some reason the .40 models dont like stuff on the rails
  13. Tactically this is the preferred method. SJ 40
  14. Probably a noob question, but why would having anything attached to the rail cause any problems?
  15. Warp


    Effects recoil, and recoil is what operates the action to eject the spent case and load the next round
  16. You might try a loser grip. That could help slow down the slide helping things. If the gun is a 40 I'd try a wolf +10 spring. Their cheap and I won't take many rounds to find out.
  17. The Glock pistol, since it has a plastic frame, has all sorts of waves traveling through it, when it fires. IOW, it sort of behaves like Jello. Anything, rigid, attached to the rails will change the frames motion. Arc Angel calls it harmonic motion I think. If that's wrong, he will correct this. That's a good enough name for it, IMO. Actually, some steel rifle barrels will look like a sine wave, with high speed photography. That's why proper rifle bedding improves accuracy, sometime.
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  18. I couldn't find the slow motion video of Glock frame flex that Austin mentions but what he describes is exactly what is happening during firing.
    I was able to find this short clip of it,you may have to watch it a couple of times but it is their none the less.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrGsayytxok"]slow motion glock - YouTube[/ame]
    You can see the dust cover flexing and that flex is transmitted through the entire frame. SJ 40
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  19. It looks like the attachment grove is going away, during recoil. It could be the viewing angle changing, but you can tell that something is going on there.
  20. Than if putting lights on the rail can cause the pistol to malfunction, than why would glock put rails on there guns? Do the glock lights cause malfunctions or do they make them different?

    I don't have any experience with weapon lights but was looking to get one in the future, this makes me reconsider. Do steel framed pistols have malfunction with lights attached?
  21. I'm now curious if it's the non- Jello action of the frame with the light installed, the weight on the front end of the gun ,or the bullet shape of the hollow point rounds.

    Is the slide cycling too fast for the magazine to catch up?
    Is the different balance or different Jello action causing the slide not to travel back far enough or too far/too quick?
    Would +or- mag springs or +or- recoil springs change anything? Bullet shape does make a difference but I don't want to run FMJ all the time. Do the .45 ACP Glocks have rail mounted issues?

    If I'm rambling or whining tell me to shut-up. I'm just thinking out loud at this point. I'll prolly wind up leaving the light off the gun.

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