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Extended Slide Stop Release

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by billn, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. billn


    Jul 1, 2012
    Glock 19 gen 4

    There are several different aftermarket glock slide stop lever on the market from Ghost forward to extended slide stop, etc.

    Which one is considered the best of the crop of extended slide stop.

    I tried my friend Ghost Forwards slide stop release and if I pushed up to lock the slide without a magazine it seemed to move under the slide a bit if i applied to much pressure. That may be normal.

  2. :popcorn:

    My gut would tell me to stick with the Glock OE extended slide release. Currently thinking about adding an Extended slide release to my Glocks.

  3. youngdocglock


    Jun 28, 2012
    I have the OE on all great.
  4. LazyAce


    Dec 30, 2007
    I used the glock unit on my G26 & G21sf. Both work great
  5. billn


    Jul 1, 2012
    Arthritis is my thumb is giving me trouble. I think an extended one would make it easier to move the release.
  6. curlysir


    Aug 15, 2011
    NE Texas
    I also use the Glock unit on my 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, and 27. Have had no problems. Yes they do make it easier.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  7. billn


    Jul 1, 2012
    I got the Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever and put on at after lunch today. It does make a big difference. Thanks for the info.
  8. cowboy85306


    Aug 3, 2012
    Howdy- I'm with the guys who like OE. Have such on my 17, 26, and most recently 21. You'll love the difference, especially when paired up with an extended mag release.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  9. youngdocglock


    Jun 28, 2012
    Ever think of just slingshotting it? The glock slide catch is just that. A catch. Its not really meant to be a release. Just a tought :)
  10. Just ordered two Glock OE extended slide release from Midway USA. I'll try them out. The order with shipping under $30.00.
  11. jbglock


    Aug 18, 2012
    When I did run one I'd use a Glock extended release. If I was going to use one now I would probably use a Tango Down release because at a glance it look like a factory release to me.
  12. dudel


    Dec 10, 2008
    Texas Hill Country
    Extended slide release come standard on all GAP models. I like them more than I thought I would. Probably add them to my other Glocks.
  13. I got $10 says I can do an emergency reload on the clock faster than most guys who slingshot. Obviously, you shouldn't be running empty anyway, but if you do, you want to be back in the fight asap. I'm a southpaw, never have hit it by accident.

    I'm with the OEM glock group. There's a bunch on the market that may be shaped different, but the glock part already works perfectly, and is cheaper than most of them. It's also a legal mod for GSSF, while the other after-market parts are not.

  14. The order came in yesterday (Thursday). Very fast IMO, one day from order to mail box.

    I will get the extensions on and give my thoughts.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012


    Nov 5, 2001
    North Carolina
    I like the Ghost Bullet Forward slide release. I am a lefty, but I usually grab the slide and rack it after a reload.
  16. The Glock OE slide extensions are installed. Fairly easy to install. My G27 was much more difficult to remove the large pin over the G22. It took a strong wack with a good hammer. (DO NOT DO THIS, see Glock manual, page 24, for tip on removal of trigger pin).

    I do like the extended slide release. Easier to push with the thumb (right handed). :thumbsup:The new releases looks good and I do not suspect I will notice a difference when concealed carrying either Glock.

    My only complaint is one of the two extended slide releases was very dirty. :dunno:It was covered in an oil or a film. It cleaned up nice, but when you buy something new you expect it to be clean. I suspect the dirt was from the factory and not Midway USA, but who knows.

    Over all very happy :supergrin:.........
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2012
  17. Rock Hound

    Rock Hound Earth Churner

    Aug 3, 2012
    Washington State
    Is there any concern of snagging the extended slide release? The OE low profile design probably had that in mind a bit. Ive been thinking it might be a nice upgrade though....again, sling-shotting makes it a moot point but its necessary to be able to function one handed as much as possible as well.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2012
  18. Here is a Youtube video on how to remove and install the slide stop/release. Video quality is good, but a little longer than it needs to be. Not me (Boot Stomper) in video. You can jump forward to 2:30 to pass over the guy talking about his RTF Glock

    [ame=""]GLOCK ext slide stop install - YouTube[/ame]

    Here is another Video. This guy uses a hammer to remove the pin. R2D2 advised (see below) you should not need to use a hammer if you move the slide stop up and down.

    [ame=""]Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever - YouTube[/ame]
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2012
  19. The extended part of the release is very slight and the edges are rounded. The release sits flush against the frame just like the original part. I do not see snagging to be an issue.
  20. cdunn


    Mar 5, 2008
    falls church,va
    I install a Vickers slidelock on every glock I've had and I ordered one last week for my new to me 23.