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Explain to me the exspress lane and when I started

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by misunderestimated, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I had an IDPA practice today that I really wanted to attend as one of our shooters was bringing back some tips from Bob Vogel and stages were going to be set to accomplish this - but I was totally beat. My entire body was stiff and nearly immobile this morning, and I hadn't loaded mags last night because I went to bed early. Stopped 4 times when driving home only 400 miles. I must be more out of shape than I ever considered. That was one looooong weekend. If I'd had even one more ounce of fun, I wouldn't have lived through it. I'm still in my jammies... Oh-oh, TMI! :embarassed: :faint:
  2. The Glock Report:

    110.50 Handling multiple competitor entries. Competitors
    entering more than two divisions will only
    be allowed to shoot two consecutive entries in
    succession, except that a competitor who has
    no more than three entries may shoot them
    in succession if no one in the squad objects.

    From the 2012 GSSF RO Guide:

    Multiple entries by an individual should be signed in on successive
    lines. However, with one exception only two entries may be fired in
    succession. After firing two entries the competitor should step off the
    line and allow another competitor to shoot their one or two entries. The
    first competitor may then return and fire his or her third and fourth
    entries, repeating this procedure as necessary. The range officer or
    competitors may arrange the squad scoresheets to comply with this rule
    AFTER they have been squadded.

    If a competitor has three total entries and no one else in the squad
    objects, that competitor may shoot all three entries back to back to back.
    If anyone in the squad objects, the competitor will shoot his or her three
    entries in the normal “shoot two, step off the line for another
    competitor’s entry (or two entries), return and shoot the third entry”
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012

  3. Ann this is my theory exactly. Guy walks up and as many magazines he has loaded,in a sleeve on the table is how many div he can shoot.