"Experienced" P220 feed issue

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  1. Gentlefolk,

    I let my enthusiasm for Sigs possibly get the better of me.

    My LGS had a used P220, SN:G 167 xxx

    Sales guy guesses maybe late 90s, and it has had a number of rounds shot thru it - obvious wear on the top of the slide, but it appears to me to be tight and solid, so I bought it for $565.

    I took it to the range right after I bought it to put some range FMJ thru it.

    The first two mags of five rounds each ( there is just one mag) ran fine. The next five rounds of five rounds all had the final round fail to feed. The nose of the round jammed on the edge of the ramp, the nose was not tilted up to go i to the ramp.

    The round was still perfectly horizontal the nose not tilted up.

    If I rack the slide back and let it go forward - let fly- the final round chambers.

    I talked to the sales guy and he pointed out the significant crud buildup on the ramp, barrel and basically everywhere. He suggested cleaning all the crud out and trying again.

    I have just completed the cleanup, but when the slide is manually released, but the battery force is slowed by my hand...that is when I ease the slide forward, all rounds feed correctly save for the last round.

    I have not yet fired the P220 since cleaning.

    So, my questions:

    1: did I screw myself by getting this piece at this price, and

    2: is the fail to feed a mag issue, recoil spring issue, both, something else?

    Honest assessments appreciated.


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  3. My guess is recoil spring. Top gun, Midway both have them. I think you can get a spring replacement with all the needed springs is about $20.

  4. How user-replaceable are the springs? I saw the plus for the Sig maintenance service... obviously, the recoil spring is a no-brainer. But I have not detail-stripped a Sig before.
  5. The kit comes recoil spring, trigger bar spring and decocking lever spring. They only require the removal of the grips. Just pull grips and you will see the springs. A screwdriver and needle nose pliers is all that's needed.
    Hope that helps
  6. If yours is a German made there will be a date code on the dust cover of the slide (its the bottom of the slide where the recoil rod sticks out). It will be something like KA, meaning 1990 production
  7. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    No, you didn't get screwed. Many people neglect their firearms because they're too lazy to maintain them in a responsible manner. None of my pistols have ever had reliability issues because I clean 'em, and change the $7.00 recoil springs every 3-5 k rounds. I figure my life is worth some time and the price of a box of ammo.

    Pistol: Replace the recoil spring, scrub the slide and frame rails with Hoppe's #9...



    Apply (Slide Glide) grease.


    Magazine: First try cleaning by hosing the internals down with this stuff (or brake cleaner). Most likely sand and black crud will drip out.


    Do not oil the internals unless you want dirt and sand to stick to the spring and follower causing feeding problems. Leave the mag bone dry inside and outside.

    The mags should look like these:



    When you rack the slide don't ride it. Let the spring do the work it was designed to do.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfyULpEhmug"]Pistol Malfunction Clearance - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Well, I can always recognize Cobra64's postings by the outstanding picture quality. ;)

    Used P220, right?

    First thing I'd do is replace the recoil & mag springs. Clean the gun and lubricate it as recommended in the manual (or Sig's online video clips & downloadable .pdf preventive maintenance guide http://www.sigsauer.com/CustomerService/MaintenanceGuides.aspx ).

    Don't run the frame rails dry.

    Don't run the magazines wet.

    If it were me, I'd stick to standard pressure .45 ammunition made by one of the major American makers, after confirming that it fed, fired & functioned in that particular 220.

    Yes, there are 3 wire springs that might eventually require replacement, but that requires a bit more knowledge, familiarity and experience in supporting the gun. (The slide catch lever spring requires frame disassembly for replacement.) I'd not worry about it unless one of them eventually breaks (although if it's going to be a dedicated defensive/CCW weapon, and it bothers you because its used, you could have it inspected & serviced by Sig as listed in their website).

    Congrats. Enjoy.
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  9. They are gorgeous photos and a beautiful piece!

    Thanks, all. Off to drop in my springs. After it got cleaned up, it did fine, so this is just some more bonding time with it.
  10. I make a habit of taking used guns home first and inspecting everything, as well as cleaning and lubing it. My first thought was magazine spring, but i supposed it could be the recoil spring also. GL!
  11. It was dirty...after a good cleaning, it did fine. Put in a new recoil spring and mag spring, and it has been fabulous. Like it so much, a P220R is in transit to me now!

    And normally I do clean up before firing...but I was too eager to try it out...
  12. The P220 is a fabulous carry gun. So lightweight that I cain't stand shooting the one I have access to compared to the 1911. But if I needed to carry a .45 ACP. I would be looking for a P220. Very accurate gun. When Sig introduced the gun they fired 10000 rounds through one in 24 hours with nary a hiccup.
  13. I have a 220R that I should be able to pick up tomorrow..be interesting to see what a "modern" 220 is like! The one I have now codes to 1990.
  14. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    Congrats! Post pics when you get it. :supergrin:

    If it's new, the mags most likely have thick grease smeared on the inside and outside. Get rid of it. Sand clings to that crap and will cause mis feeds.
  15. No, sadly not new, but gently used, or so I am told.

    Still, I really dont mind used, it makes Sigs affordable and generally the used pieces I have gotten have been shot enough to be broken in, so I dont have those issues to work through.

    I dont know how many rounds my "Old Warhorse" has through it, but it is a super piece...I suspect it doesnt have as many rounds as it appears, just had a life of service in some capacity, doing what these things are meant to do.

    I could become a Sigonista without too much effort...this will be my third, so I guess I am on my way...

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