Exactly How Many Rounds is 1.6 Billion?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by PghJim, Mar 15, 2013.

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  2. Enough to fight a 20-year full-scale war according to military experts, leading directly to the question of why an internal US agency would need that much ammunition unless to suppress a restive population.

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    32 million 50-round boxes!
  4. Think about the number. There are what 100M gun owners. If everyone bought just 100rds of ammo, 1B rounds. It's not that much when you think about it. I think my math is right.:dunno:
  5. That isn't "AN" agency.

    Look at the numbers of armed personnel in ALL of the agencies involved and their training and duty ammo needs.

    Finally, when you have done that you might want to admit that you researched enough to discover that it is a "Contract to potentially buy" Nobody has bought that amount it just locks in product and supply for the length of the contract, It is SOP for many things involving Government contacts.

    If you saw the contracts for toilet paper you would probably come to the conclusion that the evil GVT Ninjas were planning on weakening the populace through inflicted Dysentery.

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    I wonder how many handgun owners there are in the USA?
  7. How many trucks would it take to haul 32 million 50 round boxes? What would be the total weight of 32 million 50 round boxes? Just trying to get a visual on the amount of ammo ordered.
  8. There is no such "order" or purchase.
  9. Considering that the vast majority of the folks on this board have a healthy distrust of the government/administration, the fact that over 50% of the post say this isn't a big deal is very telling.....
  10. Maybe we are all being hoodwinked, but DHS could CONTRACT to purchase up to a quadrillion rounds of ammo at a given price, but if they only purchase 150 million (roughly 1500 rds per agent) , what is the problem?

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  11. I am having a hard time following the logic trail involved.

    IF this contract is public information, therefore not in "secret" and it is responsible for the shortage of a limited number of calibers, then where is the contract with ALL of the manufacturers that is causing a shortage of .22 rimfire?

    To put it simply, if you can find a contract that is supposed to be responsible for the lack of .40 S&W show me the contract that is responsible for the shortage of .22 LR

    How in the world could DHS possibly keep all the employees of the ammo companies and everyone the know silent on this scheme?

    What is DHS doing with all the .32 auto ammo, the .38 special, the .257 Roberts, even the 30-30 that is scarce in some areas?
  12. No problem at all. I am glad the government is saving tax payor money by buying in bulk.
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    Enough to put 5 rounds into every human being living in the country they are supposed to be protecting.
  14. Amazing.

    How many rounds have you fired in practice and how many people have you shot?
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  16. If the number is 1.6 billion, that is only five rounds or so for each man, woman, and child in the country. Less than one New York magazine full per person.

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  17. Over 200MM in inventory. Purchase 100MM a year. 1.6B is enough to last 16 years, but it is only a 5-year contract.
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  18. I guess when I purchase ammo for my department and all my officers from now on I need to use the "3-5 bullets per person living in my jurisdiction" method to determine how many I should buy....:whistling:

    So I guess based on that its not nearly the monster everyone seems to think it is...or wait did they USE over 100 million a year for training? Oh, yes they did....

    Look at the links provided on the last page by bolt.
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    G17 magazine - 17 rounds of persuasion.
  20. Even with all of this out there, I predict at least a couple dozen posts this week (and a few new threads) that will reference the 1.6 billion rounds "bought last year" by DHS.

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