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  2. Dammit. :sadangel:


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  4. Go easy Devil Dog. There is a street in Heaven for you to patrol.

  5. Rest in Peace, Officer Molina.
  6. :faint: :steamed:

    Rest easy Brother.

  7. 5 million bail to make sure he doesn't go anywhere.

    and it's texas, so this punk kid will get the needle.

    bye bye loser.

    RIP, brother.
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    No needle if he's a juvie, unfortunately.
  9. RIP Bro'....
  10. :fallenofficer:

    Rest in Peace, Officer Molina.
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    Rip, bro
  12. Prayers to the family, friends and community of our fallen officer and Marine.
  13. I hope someone kills that loser in jail or prison before he gets the needle.

    RIP Ofc. Molina

  14. Use extreme caution anytime you will be outnumbered. Even with just "teens" ... an age range probably responsible for more murders that any other groups in urban areas.

    Thanks for your service, Ofc. Molina.

  15. RIP Ofc Molina.

    3 teens, messing with an officer's vehicle, and then when he ID's himself he gets beaten. Makes one think about how kids are raised these days. Sad.

    POS 17 year old Juan Antonio Gonzalez should be old enough to get the needle.
  16. Makes me absolutely ****ing sick! What a senseless waste...

    Prayers for Officer Molina's family friends and coworkers. :fallenofficer:

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