Eotech G33

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by supatrucka, May 21, 2012.

  1. I just bought one I can't wait. Anybody have one ? How is it ?

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  3. It's not coming in til mid June:crying:They are not released yet.

  4. Finally came in.
  5. How do you like it? What optic do you have as well.

  6. I have two of them I got in the past 2 weeks. One on a Colt 6920 with a 552 HWS on a YHM 7mm riser and one on my DDM4 300 Blk with an EXPS3-0. Used the included riser on both. I bought the non riser 552 out of ignorance and prefer my BUIS in the lower thired of the sight picture.

    For my old eyes, they are great. I fooled around with mounting and prefer the "slap to the right" setup which Eotech says lefties prefer.They seem very well made to me. Time will tell.
  7. 20121110_103448.jpg Got a chance to sightit in with the G33 at 50yds pretty happy with the results. One target is with and one without. It's mated with EXPS2-0 OPMOD and I have it slapping to the left. My buddy has the 23 and helped me zero mine and he's upgrading to the 33.
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