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Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by ZJniner, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Update
    2012 Rubicon - RC 2.5", 35" KM2s on 15" MB72s, Engo E9000 on Smittybilt SRC, Bestop Trektop NX

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  2. BSG62

    BSG62 Pistolero

    '04 Grand Cherokee WJ. 4.7L H.O. Quadra-Drive. I ponied up for some Cooper Discoverer A/T3's recently, and they've been excellent all terrain tires. Beach sand and mud have proven no match (yet).

  3. My GC is broken, as usual.
  4. I just bought a entire powder coating setup a few weeks ago, my 1997 GC in the 2nd post is getting lots of love.

    Kawasaki green on anything I can un bolt from the bottom.
  5. Glockrunner

    Glockrunner HOOYA DEEPSEA

    2001 TJ with 33"BFG.
    Schrockguards and a Warn winch
    Lunchbox locker in the rear diff.

    We have fun...

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  6. going to pick up my new jeep tomorrow evening, new to me at least. 1971 CJ5! going to be a sweet build project. the pics i have seen look really good but i know the motor is seized, factory 4 cylinder 3 speed. but im getting it in a trade for a Smith and wesson bodyguard 38!!! I'm stoked. :cool:

    i actually just bought an 05 mustang GT 3 months ago after debating mustang gt and jeep TJ wrangler. now i pretty well have both, at least a jeep and a gt :)
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  7. 2002 TJ 4.0 3 spd. Locked front and rear with an 8.8 in the back.


    An older picture...

  8. rednoved

    rednoved NRA Member

    Here is my old XJ!

    1989 Cherokee
    3.5" Rubicon Express
    31x10.50R15 BFGoodrich A/T
    Mickey Thompson Classic II
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  9. a couple old pics of my XJ, both of these pics are from 2011 but she looks about the same today....

    5.5 in lift ish
    33 x 12.5


    after a little fun in the snow
  10. 94 YJ - fishing rig

    2004 Grand HO

    2007 Grand - 2" on 32s (currently for sale)

    2010 Rubicon - 4.5" on 37s and to much other stuff to list.

  11. A few more pics


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  12. Just remember that the new Jeeps are not made to tear up for at least five years.:cool: Some real nice Jeeps on here.
  13. ( In my best forest gump voice ) I like it a lot!!!!!!
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  14. Guess I missed this part of the instruction manual


  15. A friend in front of me did the same thing. Found out his inclinometer works.

  16. Road Dog

    Road Dog Senior Member
    Millennium Member

    1983 CJ7
    258 inline 6 with Howell Fuel injection
    31" Cooper STT tires
  17. Glockrunner

    Glockrunner HOOYA DEEPSEA

    Anyone doing the Cumberland Gap JJAM this week? Looks like good weather.
  18. Central Texan

    Central Texan AmericanSoldier

    I got my first Jeep 2 weeks ago. It's a 2009. Still stock, but that will change in a month or two.

  19. Glockrunner

    Glockrunner HOOYA DEEPSEA

    Nice ride there. Just a word of caution: I would take the build up slow, having watched many jump into projects that never got completely finished and left the vehicle somewhat dangerous or illegal to drive on the open road.

    I suggest you really take some time an learn with what you have in the way of stock equipment before you start. I loved driving the stock Jeep just as much as what I have created now.

    I know without a doubt WHY I made the changes to what I did and I didn't skimp because I knew the issues I wanted to solve for me, and not the Jeep.

    As I get older (over 60) the only regret (if that is what it is) I am thinking of bringing the Jeep from a 4.5 RE lift down to 3.5" as it is getting harder for the wife and I get in. This too was considered as I built it up 7 years ago.

    I believe looking at the issues you'll encounter off road with what you have will help you make better decisions when given the oppotunity to think through what you want to accomplish in the buildup.

    And remember, the more euip you add, the bigger and better you get, just gets you stuck! farther/deeper down the harder trail.


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