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Enrolled and excited about new career path

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by NashvilleGlock, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. NashvilleGlock

    NashvilleGlock EMT-Paramedic CLM

    Well I am in my second month of my EMT-B class and I'm loving it so far. I can't wait for clinical's to start in April. I feel like an old man in class though with all these 21 year olds lol..

    Here is the plan....

    Graduate EMT-B and apply to work for the city of Detroit (I want the 911 exp and they are hiring EMT-B's.) 3 Months after I graduate, the Paramedic class starts and I work towards that goal. I continue to work EMS in Detroit while in school and when I graduate I figure out where I want to go after that. Hell I might decide I like Detroit and all the excitement it has to offer.

    I've been working in Detroit as a Repo agent for the past few years and I know the in's and out's of the city and I'm in the streets, so I have a good idea of what to expect.

    I have always had to do something that involved a bit of excitement and can not be the same day in day out. I live in one of the worst states in the country economically and this is one field that isn't AS effected by the downturn.

    The the biggest reason is I am sick of being an ass to fill a seat in a job that anyone could do. I want to hold my head up high and when someone asks what I do, I can say what I AM...

    I've been on the boards for years but wanted to introduce myself to this crowd :wavey:

    Any advice would be great and anybody that works EMS in S.E. Michigan let me know..
  2. cap'n josh

    cap'n josh

    Jul 2, 2006
    NE michigan
    first off let me say welcome to EMS it can be a great rewarding job. I work in northern michigan on a full time FD/first responder service so I can't speak for detroit. I belive that in most places in the state basic emt's spend their time doing patient transfers which can be boring, but it can be a great way to earn money while going to medic school. When you go for your ride alongs ask the medics/hospital staff what they expect from you some will have you jump right in others might want you watch. If they ask you to do somthing your not comfortable doing let them know if you have good medics the will work you through it. Try to take it in stride when you work with a crusty medic who seems like they dont like you, the reality is we are jeleous of your euthiasm for the job. Protect your back I can't stress this enough most of our injuries are from lifting and moving patients. Have a life outside of EMS because its really easy to burn out. Sorry to ramble so much, but thats my 2 cents

  3. hotpig

    hotpig IAFF Local 4766 CLM

    While doing your ER time check with the Hospital and see if they need techs. Better pay, hours, and working conditions.

    Get into the two year RN program and have much better pay and a normal life.:whistling:
  4. NashvilleGlock

    NashvilleGlock EMT-Paramedic CLM

    See that's why I'm going to work in Detroit.. ALL Detroit EMS does is 911, there are like no patient transfers so the experience will be priceless. My wife is currently going for her Nursing degree and I have no desire to be on that end of it. After I graduate paramedic I'd like to move with my wife and work in the ER at Baptist hospital in Nashville, I even saw a flight medic position open there!

    Also I found a couple positions for EMT-B working in an urgent care close to me so that would be an option as well. If I hire out of school as an EMT in Detroit and stay there the entire time i'm in Medic school by the time I graduate I'll have seen things that Iraq veterans haven't seen lol Detroits a nasty place..

    For me the EMT is just a stepping stone to Paramedic then after my wife is all done with school and after a couple years I'd actually like to go for Nurse Practitioner which in many states can even open a practice. The whole RN thing isn't for me I'm more of a streets guy at this age. I'll get one of those boring office type gigs later on ;-)

    Careful out there and thanks for the tips :wavey:
  5. hotpig

    hotpig IAFF Local 4766 CLM

    Why waste time and money with EMS.
  6. DTLarson


    Mar 1, 2007
    Good job. Just try to get as much experience as you can during those 3 months and make sure EMS is for you. Paramedic will be an expensive and long lesson for you if you don't like it and leave like some of my friends have.
  7. NashvilleGlock

    NashvilleGlock EMT-Paramedic CLM

    Because first off I enjoy the excitement and I will be able to get a job and be able to finish putting my wife through school. The bridge program here from Paramedic to RN is only 1 year rather then what it is currently..

    Nursing Program
    2 year wait to get in..
    2 year program
    48 Months

    So as it is now
    EMT 5 months
    Paramedic 10 months
    Paramedic to RN 12 months
    Total 27 Months

    My wife is 1 year into the waiting list and taking prereq's so I can afford to put her through school doing it this way and then later down the road i'll pursue further education after she is all done. Plus I think the exp I get as a medic in the streets will be something that will give me an edge on a lot of levels.

    Hell I might just stick with EMS if my sugar mamma is making good money and i'm making so/so money it might just be fine with me.
  8. NashvilleGlock

    NashvilleGlock EMT-Paramedic CLM

    Oh and the biggest reason is I'm hardly paying anything for schooling. I'm going under a state funded program for displaced workers and becase the area is short paramedics. The EMT class has costed me 110.00 for books and supplies and that's it. The Paramedic class is going to run 300 for supplies so I think I can live with that.
  9. hotpig

    hotpig IAFF Local 4766 CLM

    I get your point.

    We do not have a bridge program here. The Medics that I work with that went over to the dark side regret wasting time as a medic.

    In my area there is a shortage of Medics. I only want like one shift each week. Instead I get two to three until we get more Medics. It helped that I stopped teaching EMT and EMTI/P classes. I have more free time.