Enough With Zombies Already

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by phi1281, May 4, 2012.

  1. I'd still do her. No oral of course...but you know...

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  2. Aw c'mon folks the OP has a point.

    compared to people playing video games in their living room with simulated guns, and others playing other games with weird avatars swinging sword on a monitor, why shooting guns with ammo that comes out of funny looking boxes makes us look like we have nothing better to do.


  3. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  4. Yes harley...there is a DEEP and abiding wrongness within me. Just thought I'd mention it.
  5. I remember 10 yrs ago trying to get my local IDPA club to have a zombie stage,they balked at it saying it was too silly.:upeyes: Fast forward to the present (I quit shooting the match 5 yrs ago) and friends tell me they have zombie stages about every other month now.:supergrin:

  6. You were "prematurely anti-zombie":supergrin:
  7. Zombies and Vampires are all over the TV and Movies. What does this say about our Culture and Society in general? IMO, a Zombi is a person with NO BRAINS and the real Zombies are the people who watch them on TV and the Movies! As far as Vampires go, the real Vampires are the Politicians!
  8. Woofie

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    The real annoyance is you guys who accessorize your ARs like a Barbie doll to take to the indoor range twice a year and shoot targets at 25 yards.

    Still waiting on that fad to go away.
  9. Lets see, one of the largest religions on Earth bases its entire belief system on a zombie. We know there is a fungus that has been around for a lot longer than us which turns lower lifeforms into Zombies and has negative effects on people. We know there has been a rash of people running around eating eachother lately.

    And you're sick of seeing provisions for fighting zombies?

    Sounds like we know who's going out first when Z-Day comes.
  10. News Flash!

    The industry doesn't care what you think about it. They are making loads of money from all of it.:tongueout:
  11. I really wanna go pick up another couple boxes of the Hornady Zombie ammo now lol
  12. Agreed. It looks pretty cool, regardless of the name.
  13. I think it's funny how quickly it became a regular term used in gun culture. Non-gun folks here you say zombie and they look at you like you are from Mars.
  14. Well if she promised not to bite I may let her :tongueout:
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    I would love to have my Glock 22 loaded up with Hornady Zombie ammo, not because of the name, but I hear through the grape vine that aside from the name it's great ammo,
    but won't buy any because of the name....
  16. Don't worry, the Chemtrails will kill them.

  17. I carry in two of my guns (.40 & .380) and it seems like great ammo. :) The name is no big deal to me.

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