Elmer Keith & Col. Jeff Cooper On Guns & Ammo For Police! lol!

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by ULVER, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. No matter how much you and I like the 1911, it is just a fact that combat reloads take time. We know LEOs can't quit the fight till they win. They may have to engage the BG at distance. The BG could be well armed with no telling what. I would hate to be reloading every 7 or 8 rounds against a BD guy with an AR 15.

    We are back to Agincourt as long as the good guys carry pistols. Got to put rounds down range PDQ.

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    Well the one thing about the .45 ACP is its knockdown power via one or two shots. So just shoot the BG with an AR15 with your .45 and be done with it (providing that the BG isn't 100 yards away).

  3. ULVER

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    Handguns bullets, even fired from a .44 Magnum do not have "knockdown power." That the .45 ACP could knock down more than bowling pins, just isn't so.

    Years ago, Pistolero magazine (IIRC), ventured to Mexico, where they could shoot some big hogs without PETA on their fanny.

    The results were quite eye-opening. Multiple shots with 9mm, .357, and .45 ACP didn't instantly drop the hogs with with chest shots, and no caliber knocked anything down.

    What put the pork chops on the spit later that night? A .25 auto, with 50gr. FMJ to the head! Went down at the sound of the pop!

    What else was learned was that .45 FMJ made no way need a .45 caliber wound. Not even close. The 9mm with BAT ammunition @ 1,400fps, didn't knock down the swine either, but the damage to internal organs was massive.
  4. The older I get the more I move to big bore. When I was young I was a 9mm guy, now most of my shooting is .44 or.45. Even with all of the new technologies, the old timers like Keith were onto something. While I carry a Glock 30 most days, I'm becoming more fond of magnum wheel guns.
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    So true!

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