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  1. I just can't remember if it was one of our members here who had an electrified fence installed a couple of years ago.

    Wanted to ask lang how is it???? How is the maintenance? How much was it and who did it? Thanks

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    I did this in the past when our factory was burglarized a few times, and vandalized by the "urban informal settlers" who had occupied the vacant lot next-door and would climb over our fence and steal stuff that wasn't bolted to the ground. We simply connected some truck batteries to the fence with the aid of a competent/likeminded electrician. Maintenance was a breeze, although I can't remember if we ever observed during rain. Please note that we only had a low amount of power running through it, not enough to cause serious bodily harm, just enough to jolt you backwards.

    We had no problems until we received a complaint from the baranggay officials, apparently someone (drunken nephew of one of the local tanods) got his privates zapped when he urinated on our fence. We had to take it down, but people are still wary of the fences hahaha

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  4. St atmarcella yata nag install sa bahay nya
  5. You should read up on them and do it right. What kind of fence? You can't just hook up batteries to a metal fence - you need to isolate the wire from the posts. Ones like they use for cattle are very effective against people. I set one up years ago. While I was troubleshooting a dead spot I touched a live wire. It's effective. I watched as a cow put their nose on it. I was surprised at how big the spark was. Believe me, you couldn't stand it.
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  6. I'd love to have seen that incident...
  7. Thanks guys for the help!!!

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