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Elderly couple pulled over after their Buckeye car decal is mistaken for a

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by zeke501, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Damn. Call da amberlamps.
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    Good to see one trick pony is still one trick. You are like the 8-track of GT posters.
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    Oops, I just got an infraction for "trolling" and "cop bashing" and the post quoted as being the "problem" was post #109. I didn't realize you were a cop and that I wasn't allowed to disagree with you.

    So sorry, you can't get in my head. I only play on a level field. You win by default because of your special status here.

    Carry on officer. :wavey:
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    Hmmm. Someone might want to jiggle the handle on that toilet above, looks like we got a floater.
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    Do you ever listen to yourself? No need to answer. If you did you wouldn't say half of what comes out of your pie hole.
  7. The Shelby County Sheriff's office was given the opportunity to respond to the charge. They really did not make much effort to respond. The drug task force (perhaps the same individuals in that jurisdiction) issued a statement, but it looks like they won't pursue either. I'll bet a couple of quarters that the deputies making the stop don't step forward either. My guess is that they will try to let it die from embarrassment.

    Memphis media followed-up, but still got the same lack of response.

    If law enforcement declines to comment further, then we can only go by the word of the couple. I'm going to go out on a limb and say something probably happened, and they told the story. No law enforcement is stepping forward to refute any part of the story, so this is story with which we are presented.

    So what we have are two little punks who pulled over a couple. There was no citation or even a warning, so I would bet dollars to donuts that the reason for the stop was dubious. They had blasé arrogance and ignorance to cite the buckeye leaf. Instead of manning up, they further have the gall to tell the couple how they should decorate their car.

    What I see are two punks who need a boot in the ass, probably because they didn't get one when they were little.
  8. TBO

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    No FOI request for the report?

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