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  1. Why does it occasionally happen? I have a few semi auto pistols of various makes that occasionally will eject a round or two to the left rather than the right, and I am curious as to why. It has happened with my G17, a couple of my Sigs, etc, and all have good extractors, and ejectors. Ammo and mags have been swapped around and no one ammo or mag is attributing. It is not a big deal, as stated prior the reliability has been 100%, but I am just curious as to why it happens?

    If it helps, it does not seem to happen ever with defense ammo, and it is on the last round of the mag usually. Is it that there is no round left in the mag to keep the extracted round from dipping down further, and thus the ejector hits the rear of the case lower at times, thus causing a weaker and sometimes left sided kick out?

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  2. It should also be noted (because surely someone will say it) it is not from limpwristing. I shoot IDPA regularly and im quite comfortable how to grip and manipulate a pistol.

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  3. Nobody has any input eh?
  4. It's bouncing off the side of the slide instead of cleanly being ejected through the ejection port?

    I've never seen it happen except with Glocks.
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  5. So what accounts for that? A weaker round here and there?
  6. We were watching a guy shoot a new Sig pocket gun just the other day and it was doing the same thing. Don't know what model it was but everything was going over his left shoulder.
  7. Is it bouncing off yer forehead?
  8. I've had left ejection happen only on my Walther P.38 pistols...but that's the way those are designed. It would be interesting to see a high-speed video of left ejection from a pistol not designed for that. Unexpected results always have interesting explanations.
  9. Interesting and strange. I don't in any way doubt what some have said, just never personally seen it. Bizarre. Don
  10. Not off my forehead ever. Just an occasional to the left and only a couple inches of arc rather than a 2ft. arc over my right shoulder.
  11. Anybody else have any insight?
  12. Sounds like you've already got it figured out, and I agree. My PF9 does the same thing 50% of the time, on the last round in the mag, the ejected case goes left. Like 10 o'clock. :dunno: have you tried holding it sideways?? :animlol:

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  13. So it sounds like this may be more common than I thought
  14. My old Glock 19 would do it but none of my other guns have.
  15. Ge in a Walther P 5 it happens everytime.. :)
  16. Fx beat me to it. :cool:

    The Walther P5's ejection port is designed that way. :)

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