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Eglin Hunters,Where Ya At ??

Discussion in 'The US Air Force Forum' started by SAWMAN, Feb 4, 2009.



    Aug 19, 2006
    NW FLA.
    Haven't heard from any of you for some time now. I've had to surround them and slay them all by myself.

    Season is all but gone now 'cept for the last ML which starts the 14th. Will be in there for this one also. The rut is still on and with the colder nights in there, will be still going heavy(hopefully)thru the 22nd.

    Got two nice hogs(145 and 170lbs) and a fairly nice 6pt buck. Missed a shot at the biggest hog that I have EVER seen in my life on closeing day of the regular gun season(Feb 1st). He was probably 350 if he was a ounce. Had 3 or so inch cutters also. This would have been a real wall hanger.

    It is amazeing how fast the biggest of the hogs can dissapear in the smallest amount of brush. Would have probably still have taken the shot if I would have had the Casull that day. Carring the ML, I wasn't positive of the penetration so didn't pull the trigger.

    Hopefully he will live another year. I know where I will start off my scouting next pre-season.

    Stay safe. -----pruhdlr
  2. finz50


    Dec 11, 2007
    Middle TN
    Sawman, I was just about to PM you. I finally PCSd into Hurlburt and am getting spun up on the new job. We need to hook up sometime in the near future. I'll take you up on the invite to hunt Eglin.