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  1. I own a Nighthawk T3. It arrived with a slide stop problem, and the ambi safety was not what the sales rep told me (multiple times) it would be. They wouldn't fix the ambi safety, and accused me of lying about what the rep told me. I had to pay shipping to Nighthawk to get the slide stop fixed. They made a big deal over the fact they would pay shipping back. I would never touch one of their products again. Considering that part of the price of a "high end 1911 is service, the are overpriced, unreliable out of the box, and have piss poor service.

    I also own a Springfield Custom (TGO 1) and I would rate it's accuracy and reliability as good or better than anything near it in price. I had the same ambi safety problem with it (that's how I knew to address that with Nighthawk when I placed the order) and they not only paid shipping both ways, they bought a Bullet Proof safety from Wilson and still got the TGO back to me the same week.

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  2. I think the Springfield that's a third of the price is the better made out of the three.

  3. I have a Springfield TRP and I LOVE IT! The slight to frame fit is super tight and shoots awesome.
  4. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I've got 3 TRP's and while great for their price, they are certainly NOT the equal of the semi-customs mentioned above.
  5. Its hard to say. I would put Springfield Custom or Guncrafter above those you mentioned, other than the Wilson Super Grade.
  6. A "custom" gun could mean anything and in some cases they are better than those listed. I don't know how you could compare Colt though.
  7. I wont even touch the subject of which high end 1911 I think is better made. However, I will tell you that I am 100% satisfied with the Ed Brown Special Forces Carry that I picked up about 2 years ago. Brown 1911's are amazing. Fit and finish are top notch and I shoot it way better than any other handgun I own. The Gen III finish has held up extremely well too. Before I bought mine I checked out the same brands you mentioned, plus Springfield and Colt. If you are going to drop that kind of cash on a 1911, you cant go wrong with any of those options in my opinion. Just get out there and hold as many as you can at gun stores and if its possible, find a way to shoot some as well. Pick what feels best, and looks best :supergrin:, to you and go from there. I cant even tell you how many high end 1911's I held and looked at before I made my final decision. Good luck with your hunt and get ready to become addicted!
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    I couldn't have said better.
  10. The semi-customs are getting very expensive these days.
  11. I've also been considering a Les Baer, but we'll see. I e-mailed Baer a few mins ago
  12. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match S.R.D. v

    I've owned Wilson, Brown, Baer and SACS 1911's (among others) and I'd rate the Baer as easily the best for the money and the most accurate shooter. SACS has better aesthetic qualities (less tool marks inside) and more options, but likely to take longer to find. Never held a Guncrafter but would love to, I hear wonderful things about them. Not a Nighthawk fan so never owned one nor likely will I.
  13. +1 :thumbsup:
  14. :agree:
  15. almost thirty years ago I sent a 70 series to Bill wilson to be modified to mimic the gun Robbie Leatham was using to win IPSC world championships. Since I was a pin shooter first, and an IPSC shooter second I had it made in 45. I won tons of pin shoots with it and after 90,000 or so rounds its still shooting well though I don't shoot it much anymore since the pin league at the range where I shot was ended several years ago.

    I think the total cost was around 1500 dollars. I have seen several current ones and that same range has several Ed Browns and Nighthawks

    really nice guns but I don't know if they are worth 1000-2000 more than say the top of the line Kimber I have or the two top of the line Rock River Arms I bought several years ago (a pair for 4K)

    I also have two of Les Baer's first run of Premier IIs. also great guns for the money.
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    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Cool story. Post a pic of your gun. :) As for the Kimber and Rock River, those two are a long ways apart in quality. My Rock River is on par with alot of semi-customs. They made a damn fine 1911. :thumbsup:
  17. Of my 2 Wilson's, my Les Baer Thunder Ranch and my Ed Brown Kobra Carry, I find that all are excellent shooters. Extremely accurate, tight actions, excellent triggers and fit and finish on all is exceptional. Not being a large guy (5'11" and 195 lbs.) when I want to carry a 5" bbl I prefer the Les Baer as it is extremely thin, but I carry the Ed Brown Kobra Carry 2 to 1 more than the others. It affords the best balance between accuracy, carry comfort, weight and concealability. Tough choice when you are looking at all these great options. Good luck!
  18. It sucks to have to choose but then again it is sweet to have a problem like this in the first place :) So many good ones to choose from these days.

    I also agree these days with the price increases of the last few years the semi customs are becoming less and less attractive to buy to me. I am pretty sure that the one I am waiting on now will be my last for that reason. But seeing how I have been waiting since Feb for it I guess other do not share my view. These makers are as busy as ever with new orders. :)
  19. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I may get a few more semi-custom's, but don't really have any on the radar right now. Planning on a few builds that I have in the works as well as some "upgrades" to some present 1911's. :cool:
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    Get something by Novak.

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