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Eberlestock V90 hunting pack

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by dp2002813, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have experience with this pack? and V90H Hunting Packs.htm

    I have been looking for a well made very large capacity pack to serve as both camping/hiking/hunting pack and "cheese it! tornadoes a comin' " survival bag. I will have to carry enough for two.

    My current 3080cu. in. external frame pack is filled to bursting and it only has summer gear in it.


    Many Thanks!
  2. OK, so I ass-u-me I have volunteered.

    I went ahead and purchased one. This pack is deceptively huge! It has more adjustments on it than a date with Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton combined.

    It has aluminum stays that run up the back of the pack and can conform to any shape my back can think of. The shoulder harness will adjust to height and load requirements... :wow:. Also, compression straps and MOLLEs all over the place. And yes, I will use all of them.

    At the moment, I am arranging the load. Something like 2 weeks of MRE's two handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, ammo, 2 change of clothes, sleeping bag, medical supplies, important info, a toolkit, some other various survival things to include a tent and bed roll.

    This thing is a tank! I can still get off the ground once strapping it on too.

    Next update will be once I have balanced the load and taken a walk-about.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2011

  3. Hummer

    Hummer Big Member

    Mar 16, 2003
    Western Colorado
    I think the idea is not to carry everything in including the kitchen sink, but so you can carry a significant portion of meat (like an elk quarter) on your first trip back out. There's a reason why they call those the "Destroyer" and the "Battleship". :supergrin: Should be a great pack though for bivouac hunting.

    I've been looking at the Eberlestock Mini-me, at the opposite end of the spectrum it's a lightweight that sits high and center of back.. I'd use it for day hunting when winter conditions aren't so serious that you have to load up with lots of survival clothing and gear. Looking at it at Cabela's, it's well made with lightweight materials.

    How are you going to use your V90 Battleship?
  4. The sink!! I forgot the sink! LOL

    Hi Hummer,
    This pack will see a range of duties; from overnight to 2-week excursions. I'll keep it packed in between as a bug out bag. Yeah, I know its a little humongous for that, but one never knows here in tornado country. I also feel this will be a nice addition and keep my arms free:

    You might also want to check out this site for the Mini-Me. They offer free shipping and are $10.00 less. The service I received was great.
  5. Hummer

    Hummer Big Member

    Mar 16, 2003
    Western Colorado
    Thanks for the link, DP. :wavey:
  6. jwhite75

    jwhite75 Gubmint Worker

    Jan 6, 2009
    Dub V
    Eberlestock is very high quality. You will enjoy that pack for years to come.
  7. GeorgiaGlockMan

    GeorgiaGlockMan Aggie in Exile.

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bad-Lands Ranch
    I have their M107J Dragonfly pack.

    They make real nice stuff.

    A little on the heavy side but solid packs.
  8. UPDATE:

    I've been wearing this pack on 2-4 mile walks for a week now. It's great! I am comparing this with an old tech Wentzel external frame pack. The 2x increase in carrying capacity aside, this pack is so much nicer to the shoulders.

    It took a while to adjust it to transfer the weight of the load to my hips, but it was worth it. Mostly because I was too chicken to crank down the hip belt. That really made a difference. I now find it to be comfortable and easy to wear.
  9. gjk5

    gjk5 Pinche Gringo

    Not for nothin but I have done some experimenting over the last couple of years with packs. I actually did mostly Badlands, but they and Eberlestock are excellent products.

    I have arrived at a bastardized solution: I strap a small pack (the Badlands Superday for me) onto a large frame pack (Cabelas Alaskan Guide) along with some other smaller bags/duffels. I can customize it to load what I need, leave the heavier stuff on the truck/atv and take the daypack if going on a stalk, or haul in everything and stop and cache what I don't need immediately. On the flip side if I shoot something not far from the atv (like I did last year) I can ditch the "stuff" and put on the hauler. I shot a cow at 350yds but it took me 30 minutes of good scrambling to get to it and 45 min back to the machine with each load.

    I tried the do everything monster packs and they killed me on the short jaunts and I tried the middle of the raod (specifically the Badlands 2200) and it was too big for a daypack and too small for a hauler.

    I guess I have tried to use the "layering" method of cold weather clothing and apply it to packs and gear.

    Just my $.02.