Early Voting - Did you?

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by PaulMason, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. I voted early here in GA. In my county there was only one place for early voting until tomorrow. It took 2.5hrs.

    I can only see it as a very close race or a blow out for Romney, a Chick Fil A surprise. I don't see Obama blowing him away.

    This should make election day interesting.

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  2. I like going to the Voting Booth on Election Day. :supergrin:

  3. Already did it. Took about 3 minutes.:supergrin:
  4. I never vote early. I don't know why but I prefer to cast my vote at my precinct on Election Day rather than the County Courthouse where we have our early voting.

    My girlfriend is the chief elections officer for our county so she's tied up with early voting all week. It's pretty cool to hang out at the courthouse on election night while all the tallies roll in and watch our local electeds reaction to the votes they're getting.
  5. aircarver

    aircarver Ride Continues
    Silver Member

    Yep... First day ... crowded with lines ... took 15 minutes.

  6. Voted yesterday in Memphis. Took about 30 min, city has 20 or so early voting sites. News reports state a heavy turn out. 300,000+ state wide. BHO will carry Memphis but MR is expected to win the state wide vote.:cool:
  7. This Sunday. Have to take my friend's Mom along. She's 80, but been an American for just a few months, came from a socialist country and hated it.
  8. Nope never have used early voting. As I never had a problem with lines when casting my vote.:supergrin:
  9. MAC702

    MAC702 Senior Member

    I voted by absentee ballot in front of my computer. I Googled all the candidates for every office. It took about 30 minutes but every vote was a fully-informed one. This is how voting should be.

    And I was armed while I did it.
  10. Got mine in this morning felt great to vote for Romney even better to vote against the socialist in chief.

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  11. My neighborhood supermarket knows how to get out the vote. A voting booth made of beer with a couple corpses hanging around. Who wouldn't vote early? :cool:

  12. jdavionic

    jdavionic NRA Member

    No. I'm waiting to see there are Black Panthers that are going to "intimidate" me. It would offer a certain entertainment value that early voting just doesn't offer.
  13. Chuck66

    Chuck66 Traveling Man

    No, I'm holding out to give Barry a chance to change my mind.

    J/K. :supergrin: I voted last Friday. I could have cast my vote for this election in Nov. 2008.

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  14. sent in my absentee ballot last week I was tempted to write in Ron Bennington
  15. Was Roseanne Barr, yes the fat one, on your ballot for President ?

    I did LOL when I saw it.
  16. My better 2/3 and I voted this evening, and our ballots go into the mail in the morning.
    We agreed on all candidates, and all initiatives except the one on marijuana.
    I love her.
  17. Huge turn out in FL. 1hour line. Very few <30yrs old in line.
  18. rick458

    rick458 USS Texas BB-35

    Wife and I voted Yesterday (Friday) in Harris County.
    Hour long wait, only took 6-7 min to register, and vote.
    We used our Photo IDs as we could not locate our VRCs
    from voting in the Primaries.
  19. kf4zra

    kf4zra I miss ya Murph

    voted in FL. about 45 min wait.

    woman in an official obama shirt kept walking slowly from the front to the back of the voting like several times while I was waiting. the logo was clearly emblazoned on the front and back with the words change on it and obamas name. her handbag and arms were carefully positioned so that not a single word on the shirt was blocked.

    guess you gotta skirt the polling place distance laws, this is the way do do it.

    Didnt surprise me that it was an obama fan doing it. I wanted to take a picture, but there were signs saying phones were not allowed to be on.

    There was not a single person other than her that had a political shirt on.
  20. I took 2 friends who had never voted before with me to vote early. Neither had ever registered so it took a few extra minutes for them, but all in all about 25 minutes.

    It felt so good to know there were 3 more Romney votes added to his total! :supergrin:

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