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Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by kcb, May 21, 2009.

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    I agree!!!

    I was going to ask what year was Woodstock!

    The song you quoted says "1969".

    I've heard of Woodstock forever but was not old enough to really be interested in it when it happened. I guess my parents sheltered us from
    all of the "Long-haired hippy freaks" back then! :rofl:

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  6. Great song:cool:

    Woodstock's 40th anniversary was August 15 to August 18.

    Canned Heat at Woodstock


  7. kcb

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    GREAT song!!!

    I know that there were some specials on last week about Woodstock, here.

    I watched a few minutes one evening, but was interupted by something.

    I remember most of the music that has been posted...

    Music from a unique era in time!
  8. It was a unique era in time. There were specials on tv here too, but I have no desire to watch them. Some how those specials just don't seem to capture the feeling of that time. And even tho I didn't attend Woodstock , I did come of age during that time.

  9. kcb

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    The music lived on for several years post Woodstock...so I did "come of age" while it was still popular, too!

    It reigned throughout the 70's!

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