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Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by kcb, May 21, 2009.

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    Sleep well!

    I've been playing "Name that tune" with my hubby since he got home a little while ago with the "hippie music!" He's doing "okay"! He's a little older than I am...so he should be doing better! :rofl:
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    The bridge pictured in the vid is the New River Gorge bridge. My dad worked high steel in the 70's and had been cut off so he went to college. He'd been in school two weeks when he got called back to work on the bridge. He decided to quit and stay in school. He says everytime he's in that area part of him wishes he dropped out of school to take the job.
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    Cool! We are headed that way...very soon!

    Can't wait to see God's country! That is exactly how I plan to spend our time, too. Hiking and exploring the area! :thumbsup:
  8. Cool!

    Shoot me a PM if you get into WV.
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    Drove all night Thursday night and arrived safely! There is NO traffic at night! It's awesome. Lots of deer to watch on the roadsides, though! :wow:

    It is GORGEOUS up here in EVERY way right now. Last evening, we sat out on the balcony and watched the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. The temperatures dropped into the 50's! It doesn't feel like there is a DROP of humidity in the air! :hearts: Slept like babies with the windows open upstairs last night!

    We are going to sight see and enjoy the beauty of this part of the country while here; hopefully including Eastern Tennessee. (Most likely not WV this trip!)

    The FLOWERS are absolutely beautiful! I WISH I could grow things so beautiful in the SAND at home! :rofl: Will take pictures and post later!

    I'll have to catch up on the music with my headphones while watching the sunset tomorrow. (Invited to a restaurant owned by a friend from home that moved here tonight. Band playing on Saturday nights... :dancingbanana: )

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