EARLY Friday night Music Thread...

Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by kcb, May 21, 2009.

  1. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    Because of the way I was dressed at a funeral, once, I was told that I look like Stevie Nicks....but then everyone else chimed in and said...."No way! She looks like Olivia Newton John!"


    But my daughters have always told me, (when my hair was not blonde) that I looked like Jaclynn Smith and/or Sally Field.

    My hubby says, I look like all of the above....at different times....but MOSTLY...I look like Karen!


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  2. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    GREAT memories there, Blast!

    Back when 3 channels on TV kept us entertained for hours....now 300+ channels and there is NOTHING on the tele worth watching! :shocked:

  3. I can't get to youtube at the moment? :dunno:
  4. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

  5. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

  6. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    Same here!


    Another Meat Loaf!!


    OOPS!!! :rofl: I should have checked ALL of your posts first! Good taste....what can I say?!!

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  7. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    I should too, but I promised my hubby that I'd wait up for him tonight! Haven't seen him since Monday night! :hearts:

    Tomorrow is Friday...so I'll be okay. I always have lots of energy on Friday!

    Goodnight! Sleep well! TGIF tomorrow! :wavey:

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