EARLY Friday night Music Thread...

Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by kcb, May 21, 2009.

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    This IS the TRUTH!!!


    Great minds....what can I say! :cool:

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    This has been SUCH a challenging week for me and for my family.

    I can not tell you how heartbroken we all are over letting go of our MUCH MUCH loved Pepi.

    We knew the time was coming; we knew we would ALL be devastated...

    Who knew that a sweet little dog could bring SO much happiness and love to our lives for the past 14 years.

    EVEN my son-in-laws have been totally devastated by his passing.

    I can't imagine a little dog that was more loved by so many people as our sweet Pepi! Losing you TRULY was losing a member of our family!

    RIP Pepi! :hearts: We will never forget the joy you brought into our home!



    I want to believe that there is a doggy heaven, too! Pepi has to be there now!
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    Sorry for indulging my sadness there.

    My heart is broken, especially for my daughters tonight. They are so crushed; we all loved him SO much!
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    Sleep well, and have a great week!

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    Just watched the movie with one of my best girl friends. We had a "girl's day out"...and after lunch, decided to come back to my house and watch this instead of going to the movie theatre.

    She had never seen it and LOVED it! :thumbsup:

    It was a HORRIBLY HOT day, again today!
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    Great movie and GREAT song!

    :patriot: :thumbsup:

    (My husband came over when I clicked on this youtube....then pulled it up on his laptop! :supergrin: )
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