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Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by kcb, May 21, 2009.

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    I have a sister to thank for it was she who cornered me, practically at gun-point, then forced me to sit and listen to Josh Groban (& Kenny Chesney) ... started ordering their CDs that evening.

    Somewhat along those (Groban) lines ...

    The absolute greatest opening line in all of musicdom: "The dawn is breaking, a light shining through. You're barely waking and I'm tangled up in you ... yea". The "yea" is reminiscent of an artist, who stepping back from their work, approvingly mutters to themselves, "Yea, that's perfect."


    A lot of folks are unfamiliar with this guy's work ... he's good


    Fellow Italian, & romantic:

  3. kcb

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    Wow!!! :wow:


    Beautiful music! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing this with us/me!!!

  4. devldogs

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    You're welcome KGB .... err, Kcb.

    Hopefully, I won't get thrown off the forum for being such a hog on this thread ... I'm forever lending or burning cds to/for friends, as I get a lot of miles out of sharing music. Music was the one and sadly, only constant between my Dad and myself and well, though he's gone, his love of music certainly lives on ...

    Winan's seamlessly-smooth sense of urgeny and Koz's sax put this cover over the top:

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    :rofl: Call me Karen if that's easier! :rofl:

    I love music, too! So did my late "daddy".

    I studied piano for 10 years...the other night I was "blue" about something that I'm dealing with in my life right now. When I spoke to my mom, she said..."Honey, go play the piano. You'll feel better!" Of course, she prayed with me first! That's always first in my family! Daddy loved to listen to me play...way back then. I am REALLY rusty now, though. :sad:

    I love the music you've shared! I'd love to have a CD of much of the music that has been posted on this music thread recently!

  6. kcb

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    I assume you are a Marine...or former Marine.

    You have Great taste in music...for a Marine! :supergrin:

    (Daddy-Navy; Hubby-Army)

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    Swing and a miss, kiddo! Actually, I was Air Force ~ you know, the branch with brains ... or was it brians?

    I really should have an asteric next to devldogs, which is a (hockey/New Jersey Devils) nickname given to me by well-meaning hockey-loving, but Devils-hating friends (see pages, 154 & 155 of the 'Three Word Thread' in the GNC Forum). My avatar (D-Day +5), is a pic taken well before 1980 --pause & a grin -- showing a forlorn GI carrying a dead German's M-34, in which sits a puppy ... the cycle of life and the futility of war all wrapped up in one timeless shot ... no pun intended.

    Here's a link to the photo:

    Back to music, with apologies to everyone for turning this into a, 'Everything you really didn't care to know about me' thread ...

    Favorite pianist ...


    With Michael W. Smith ...


    Back in 1999, Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant were invited to the Columbine HS memorial service a few days after the shootings and I'll never forget when the two of them sang. Michael W. Smith was a conduit straight from heaven and Amy Grant, well, it may as well have been Metallica singing.

    This one's for you, Karen:

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    Same here. Youth...how wonderful it was! Such bittersweet memories!

    You just never seem to be able to forget them!

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