EARLY Friday night Music Thread...

Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by kcb, May 21, 2009.

  1. Good tunes! I've always liked Ronnie Milsap's music. :cool:


    Lexington is a nice town. I've got a cousin that was a LEO down there. He finially hung up his badge last year and took up instructing.

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  2. devldogs

    devldogs YESSONGS

    No musician ever sang to and for me like Dan Fogelberg ... R.I.P., Dan

    Same Auld Lang Syne ~ a song that brings nearly everyone back to someone ... just for a moment I was back in school & felt that old familiar pain ...


    Leader of the Band ~ Dan Fogelberg's ode to his father, who was a high school band director in Peoria, IL


    Netherlands ~ for a few moments I'm seventeen again, cruising at around 35,000' and I haven't a care in the world.


    Forefathers ~ all of us have a stake in this song ...

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  3. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady


    Auld Lang Syne always takes me away from where I am.


    Good songs...ballads.
  4. rhans405

    rhans405 In God I Trust

  5. rhans405

    rhans405 In God I Trust

  6. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    Sorry I wasn't around last night, guys! We had a family barbeque with my hubby's family....by the time everyone left....I was exhausted!

    I turned my computer on for about 5 minutes and couldn't keep my eyes open!!

  7. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

  8. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

  9. Sorry I missed last night. Yesterday was loads of fun...Came within a gnat's arse of rolling a F-250. Had to get winched out by a dozer. Danged clay around here gets like a combo of peanut butter and grease when wet. :supergrin:

  10. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

  11. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    I missed last night, too! :sad:

    BUT I was having a great time with my kids and my hubby's family!

    Cookout and dinner pool side was a GREAT way to end the school year!!!


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