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Early 19 date code

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by misunderestimated, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Mt brother dropped off his early G19 with me .This was his back up gun his entire career it has a DN prefix I read that its a first gen it has a gold anodized trigger/trigger bar its a 2 pin gun and i cant get the trigger pin out
    It has a push in front site and allot of wear on the rear of the slide and a worn out magazine release ,He belives it went back to Glock for repair with in the first year of ownership
    The breach face has strange marks on it all most like the broach marks on a Chevrolet engine pad from the 60/70'S

    The date code is BTT on the barrel

    Any secret to getting the trigger pin out on a 2 pin gun
  2. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur Millennium Member CLM

    Dec 17, 1998
    BTT = April of 1988.

    Now, is it really a Gen1? Or (more likely) a Gen2? If it is a Gen1, we'll NEED to see it! :)

    The breech face is quite normal....nothing to worry about, and the trigger pin comes the same way as all the rest of them do, move the slide stop lever around while pushing the pin out. But, if it's been in there for 20+ years, it might be a little sticky. :)

  3. Thanks again when I get home I will take notice of the Generations from the picture you have posted and I will report back what generation it is
  4. The front of the grip looks the picture you have of the Gen 2 soI would have to say its a gen 2

    thanks AGAIN