EAA Witness followed me home, how'd I do?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by gofastman, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. I was at the LGS picking up some primers and cleaning supply's when I noticed a used 10mm Witness in the cabinet.
    I offered the guy $350, he countered with $360 and I said we had a deal.
    I think its a Wonder finish model, its a bronze-like color.

    Is that a good price?

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  3. Can't comment on the price but I've got their Limited model. You might want to do a little research to determine which mags it came with. IIRC the ones with the red followers are problems.

  4. From what I've read before my wife bought me mine, Wonder finish slides are more prone to failure and you really ought to get the Wolff extra power spring set. If you have feeding issues, try polishing the feed ramp. Otherwise, congrats and why the hell did you forget to post pics of your new piece?
  5. Pics still aren't loading. ;^)
  6. I want a hunter so bad I can't stand it.
  7. Ih ave had one for years, sort of. It started out as a .45 with a .22 unit and I added a wonder finished 10mm top. I haven't had a problem -yet. I did have a used .45 compact with a wonder finish that I discovered upon getting home, had a cracked slide, Gun shop exchanged it for another gun the next day. Would have been nice but the shop was 80 miles from home.

    ETA My concern about the issue gave me an excus....errr a "reason" to buy a G-20 since I had so much tied up in ammo, brass and reloading gear I couldn't be dependent on just one gun to use it now could I?
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  8. I've had mine for 6 years bought it used only problem is the brass seems to fly into the next time zone

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  9. sorry, my camera is broken :(
    so, increased power recoil spring, huh?
    how under-sprung is it? should I just go strait to a 22lb recoil and 22lb hammer? my lowest power load that I shoot is 180grs@1150 fps, but I usually shoot/load the hot stuff.
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  10. You should look into the Sprinco recoil reducer. It has worked well. The guns ships with very weak springs. IIRC 16# is the highest.

  11. That's the truth. Puts a pretty significant crease in some cases, too. Most still size out but some are beat up enough to not be useable.
  12. I did. I didn't replace the hammer spring, though. Just the 22lb kit from Wolff, which includes the recoil spring and firing pin return spring.
  13. where does one get a ported or threaded barrel for one of these?
  14. They are good, solid pistols.
  15. I also have te Compact P in .45acp & the 10mm upper conversion. I went to Wolff's site but didn't see anything available for .45 or 10mm; they only listed 9mm & .40. Will that recoil spring kit work/fit the .45acp & 10mm? I've been reading about the cracked slides developing and want to increase the recoil spring resistance (22#). Thanks.
  16. Thanks, I ordered the multiple spring pack and will install each and analyze the results.
  17. I have a Match and Hunter. Excellent!

    Buy a 6" barrel and send it to a Smith for threading. They work across the board.
  18. I run 1150-1250 loads with a Wolf 16# spring + the Sprinco recoil rod. This was recommended by experienced Limited guys. Here is the link:

  19. I ordered the Springco rod, It works amazingly well! :wow:

    The guy I spoke with at Springco suggested an 18lb spring with their setup, my informal testing shows the 18lb spring works best too.

    I also installed a 22lb hammer spring to hopefully slow the slide down even more
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