Dwason Guiderod didn't fit my Springer Custom

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    I had a Dawson Toolless Guiderod for the bushing Ed Brown I had, and it was awesome. Made the whole spring assembly hold together just like a Glock guiderod. I really liked it...

    Well, I got one for my Springfield Custom Shop Full Rail Operator... It has a bushing barrel with a reverse plug setup, and I was tired of always having to use a littl piece of paperclip to take the gun apart... I got that Dawson toolless guiderod in for a bull barrel setup today, but it won't work.

    The reverse plug on this Dawson has a shoulder 3x the length of the factory one on my Springer. So, the plug won't seat right. I just called them and wil have tol return it.

    Back to using a piece of paperclip forever. Oh well...
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