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Duty Guns

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by District18, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. rockapede


    Sep 3, 2009
    I've been issued a Glock 22 at both agencies I've worked for, nothing else is/was authorized. I'd carry my Gen4 19 in a heartbeat if I could.
  2. TimB92020

    TimB92020 CLM

    Sep 12, 2005
    - In my former life... -
    Stainless Ruger Service-Six .357 (Academy in 1989 and first year on the Job.)
    Smith & Wesson 5903
    Smith & Wesson 5943
    Colt Combat Commander (Investigations)
    Glock 22 (Issued/required from around 1995 until retirement in 2011)

    - Current Department -
    Colt Government Model or Springfield TRP (Carrying the TRP while the Colt is away for fresh night sights and a refinish.)

    I also qualified with my Glock 21 Gen 4, but am choosing to carry the 1911 platform on duty... Just because I can.

    On-duty backup was initially a Smith & Wesson 640 and then I switched to a 642.

    All weapons have been personally owned with the exception of the issued Glock 22.




    Jun 11, 2002
    New Mexico & Michigan
    1978-1983. S&W M19
    1983-1991. S&W M686
    1991- 1993. S&W 5906 (Boat anchor!)
    1994- 2004. Sig P-220
    2005- 2006 (Retirement) GLOCK 23

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  4. 4teecal

    4teecal Token Aussie.

    Dec 13, 2004
    95-99. S&W M10 .38sp
    99 - ? Glock 22.
    Waiting for my Phazed Plasma Rifle in the Forty Watt Range.
  5. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator. CLM

    The last agency I worked for had the weirdest gun policy you could ever imagine. These are just the handguns I had issued to me.

    Glock 17
    Glock 19
    Glock 22
    Sig P226
    Sig P228
    Sig P229

    And, they issued a lot more than these.
    You could also ask for, at one time or anther, a:
    SigPro .40
    Beretta 92
    Smith and Wesson Model 5906
    Walther PPK (backup and undercover)
    Sig P239 (backup and undercover)
    Glock 27 (backup and undercover)
    S&W model 60 (backup and undercover).
    S&W model 13

    It drove the poor armorer nuts. :supergrin:

    Longarms were:
    Colt M-16
    Colt CAR-15
    Colt M-4
    Colt M635
    H&K 53
    H&K 91
    Rock River LAR-15
    Remington 870, 18 or 14 inch barrel

    And, for OCONUS use:
    Colt M203
    LWRC M-6

    (And, M-18 Claymore Mines for base defense in places like Santa Lucia in South America!)
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  6. skipilot


    Feb 14, 2008
    Smith 669
    Ruger GP100 .357 with a Hurricane #350 basket holster (I was deadly out to 100 yards with 125 grain HP)
    Berretta 96
    Sig 220
    Wilson 1911
    G21 and G19 off duty current

    The Ruger GP100 was superb. All the rage to the semi auto now with few ever knowing what it was to carry a wheel gun. Never felt under gunned and as I said accurate way out there with practice.
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  7. 1998-2000 S&W 4046 .40S&W
    2000-2008 Glock 22 .40S&W gen3
    2008-2012 Glock 31 357SIG gen3
    2012-???? Glock 31 357SIG gen4

    I will probably retire with the gen4 Glock 31. No plans on changing anything. The department is still issued gen3 Glock 31s. I ordered four gen4 Glock 31s in February for long term testing. So I am testing the gen4 along with 3 other officers.


    I'm not sure when the department switched to the S&W 4046 (probably whenever they first came out), before that, they were carrying S&W .357 Magnum revolvers.
  8. GumbyDammit

    GumbyDammit Xtra CoCheese

    Crap, after reading some of these pedigrees I'm feeling ripped off!

    G19 - 5 yrs (personal, not issued)
    G22 - 3 yrs
    G22C - 2 yrs
  9. Horror

    Horror Polizei

    Aug 31, 2004

    won't be available until the year 2029.
  10. rockapede


    Sep 3, 2009
    How do you like the 22C? Does the porting make a noticeable difference? I've held and/or shot just about every Glock out there but I don't think I've ever even seen a C model in person.
  11. GumbyDammit

    GumbyDammit Xtra CoCheese

    I can tell some difference. IMO I would say my .40 cal C's (22C & 23C) shoot more like the non-c .9mm models. I really like what I have now. We've been moving guys to G35's through the dept so I guess I'll have to trade at some point, but don't care for the trade offs.
  12. lloydchristmas

    lloydchristmas 132 and Bush

    May 22, 2010
    Only on the job 5 years. We are allowed to choose between a Glock 22 or 23. I initially chose a 22. About a year ago, I formally requested to carry a 22C. Because all the inner workings were the same, and because I stated I would buy it personally, the request was granted.

    I think the difference is very noticeable. The .40 cal "flip" is really reduced, and I think follow up shots are faster and more accurate.

    The drawback I find is when shooting from retention. The muzzle blast is much more noticeable. I have learned to really cant the weapon away from my side in an attempt to alleviate this. It helps, but feels somewhat unnatural.

    (my unsolicited and unasked for $0.02)
  13. xx AG xx

    xx AG xx

    Jul 21, 2007
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    Para Ordnance 1911 in .45 ACP -- 1 year -personal weapon
    Sig Sauer P229R DAK in .40 s&w -- almost 3 years now -- dept issued

  14. Will have to update my duty guns. Gen 4s apparently coming on line, not sure if the chief will add 35s to the .40 mix. If not a 35, then another 22.
  15. razdog76

    razdog76 Heavy Mettle

    Sep 26, 2007
    FEG PPK 380 clone
    2 S&W 380’s at different times in my career.
    2 Colt Detectives at different times in my career.
    Kahr MK9
    Kahr P9 covert
    Glock 27 served by far the longest.
    S&W 38 Bodyguard
    …and soon I will receive my “as new in box” (Interarms) Walther PPK with box, test target, and all the goodies! With some Gold Dots, or lead Buffalo Bore bullets, so I will be prepared for any international spies in my district.:rock:

    Part III, the long guns
    Winchester 1200 (Way, way back in the day)
    Remington 870
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  16. jolly roger

    jolly roger

    Apr 28, 2001
    Knob Creek
    1980-82 S&W Model 64

    1982-84 S&W Model 66 6 inch

    1985-86 S&W Model 686 6 inch..pistol team had 6 inch :)

    1987 to about 1994 S&W 645, 4506, 4516 as Detective

    1994 to 2009 HK USP 45 Compact

    2009 to present Glock 30SF occasionally a Glock M14 in trunk...seriously. Plan to retire before too much longer with the 21SF. Gotta give the M14 back dang it.
  17. DocWills


    Mar 11, 2012
    Lets see.

    First was smith 15/19 about a year.
    686 about a year. 45 auto for od.
    smith 19/ to g17 to Glock 22.
    Beretta 92
    Smith 9mm family(all of them)
    Smith 45 short time. Sig 220 several years
    Glock 21 Several years
    Glock 19 and Glock 30 Several years.

    Mix of private purchase and issue.

    I settled on Glocks, got out a few years and went back with a glock in hand. I did about 35 1911s in the course of things. I have settled on Glocks for a variety of reasons

    I find the resprung 19 and the 30 extroidinarily accurate.

    If i was doing road patrol again Id try to get a 34/35 approved. i started during the drug wars so did the extra mags and rifle in the trunk early on.:supergrin:

    Worst trouble was getting supervisor approval before Glock. After Glock it was caliber issues till the girls got in. After that whatever .

    Nothing beats a good semi for belt guns. I find the 9mm equal to the 38/light 357 loads. I have come to understand an accurate first shot is paramount.
  18. 4teecal

    4teecal Token Aussie.

    Dec 13, 2004
    With no pension available I have no doubts I will still be around.
  19. DonGlock26


    Jan 18, 2001
    1989-1990 Mod 10 S&W .38spl (issued)

    1990-1992 Glock 17 gen one (personal weapon)

    1992-2004 Sig P228 (issued)

    2004-2012(ret) P220R (issued)

  20. Landric

    Landric Supervisor?

    Lets, see, I have been doing this for better than 16 years, and in that time I have worked for several departments and gone through several transitions. I have never been able to carry anything other than an issued gun anywhere I have worked full-time. I had one part-time gig where I could carry anything I wanted.

    From first through to the present:

    Beretta 92SB 9x19mm, 2 years
    HK USP40C .40 S&W, 3.5 years
    SIG-Sauer P226 9x19mm, 1 year
    S&W 6946 9x19mm, 1.5 years
    Glock 22 Gen3 .40 S&W, 2 years
    S&W M&P40 .40 S&W, 1.5 years
    Beretta 96FS .40 S&W, 2 years
    Glock 23 RTF2 .40 S&W, 2.5 years and counting

    I worked a part-time gig in addition to my full-time job from 2007-2010. I carried my own S&W M&P45 .45 ACP there.