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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by District18, Aug 4, 2012.

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    1. The JBT's


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    1. The JBT's

    I think we are club officers. :supergrin:

  3. I don't remember how long I carried each one but I carried the 96D for about 10 years.
    1. S&W 5906 9mm
    2. Glock 17 9mm
    3. Glock 19 9mm
    4. Glock 23 gen 2 .40 cal
    5. Beretta Cougar .40 cal
    6. H&K USP .40 cal with stainless slide
    7. Beretta 96D .40 cal
    8. H&K P2000 .40 cal
    9. Glock 23 4th gen

    Not: P2000 was for off-duty originally but carried it as duty weapon while on bike patrol but then went back to 96D afterwards.
  4. Duty Guns from 6/1973 thru 6/1998 S&W Mod 10 38 spl,S&W 686,357 mag,Glock 19 9mm2nd gen,Glock 19 3rd gen 9mm
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    Notice I didn't include BUGs, I have carried a bunch in 16 years.:supergrin:

    GRIMLET Deceased

    To you guys with several duty pistols in a relative short time, how many are issued and how many are personally provided?
  7. Our agency only provides for our long weapons. Our policy is down to just Glocks now so only thing I would ever change is caliber in the future...that is if we're ever allowed .45 ACP. Not that they are better, just for the change and to say I did.
  8. Three of mine were because the issue gun changed on us.

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    Your dept must have deep pockets!

  10. That was me with the 10, the 66, and the (Yech!) 4006....

    The 17 , the P-220, and the 23 were all my choice, and the 23 I carry now will probably be it.....
  11. razdog76

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    I have never been issued a sidearm, only long guns.
  12. I didn't even get into long guns.

    First Agency: Remington 870s (18" or 20" barrels for perimeter and CERT, 32" barrels for towers) and Mini-14s in the towers.

    Now: Remington 870s (18" barrel with side-saddle), and Colt 9mm SMGs. DCT has M4s and M16A1s.
  13. Failures to feed or go into battery after a round is fired. The cartridge usually stops part way up the feed ramp. We've tried both the 12 and 10 round magazines. The little plastic sleeve that holds the cocked indicator in place in the rear of the frame breaks (our armorers have a bag FULL of them). The finish is crap and they rust.

    Please, please, please...may I PLEASE carry my G21SF?

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    Are these the XD or XDM? Or both?
  15. I'd say they're regular XDs, since he said earlier they don't have the budget to issue the XDMs right now.

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    I am a noncomprehending moron.

    I am not an XD guy. Is this an under reported problem?
  17. Glock 22 Gen 3, one year
    Glock 22 Gen 4, two and counting
    Remington 11-87, three and counting
    All issued
    Rifle is personally owned, Daniel Defense V3.

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  18. CJ is correct...standard XD's. I don't know if this is a common problem. A department in a neighboring county issues them but I never get to talk to those folks. The problem may not be as wide-spread in the LE community because, well, other agencies just don't issue them (I'm holding back my real feelings...can you tell? :rofl:).
  19. S&W 4566 w/Insight M3 for the 5 months of my first gig.

    Now a Gen 4 G22 with my current department. So far I'm very happy with this pistol. I'd like to add a Surefire X300 as finances allow.

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  20. That's the exact reason I switched from an XD to a glock 21. Others at my department have had similar problems with XD's.


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