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Duty Ammo, are you satisified with it?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by 3000fps, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. 1)What is your current duty ammunition?

    2)Are you satisfied with the ammunition you carry?

    I remember reading a while back about an officer who loaded his patrol rifle with American Eagle Tactical Tracers, a while later he was arrived on scene to be engaged in a firefight with an active shooter.

    Upon shooting (and missing) the offender, after action, the officer was fired for carrying his own personal bought ammunition.

    Here is a relatively interesting article on the more common Speer Gold Dot 180 grain bonded rounds.

    (Warning: Large .PDF file, and contains images that are graphic in nature and not suitable for common work conditions, and children)

  2. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Oct 28, 2005
    Circling the wagons.
    The department authorizes ALL Gold Dot loads and all Win Ranger Bonded loads for handguns (plus Win Ranger 127gr +p+ non-bonded in 9mm). We ISSUE 124gr +p 9mm, 180gr .40, and 230gr .45, all in Speer Gold Dot. For the .223 we require, but do not issue, Speer Gold Dot 62gr bonded rounds.

    We have not had a shooting with the ammunition, so we have no direct experience with terminal performance. We our satisfied with the reliability of the ammunition and selected what we did based upon the experiences of other agencies.

  3. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    I am issued 165g Gold Dots in .40 and required to carry them in uniform. They issue us the Federal LE 00buck and Federal LE 1oz slug. We are required to carry buck in the tube with slugs optional on the saddle.

    They will also issue us 147g 9mm Gold Dot and 135g+P short barrel Gold Dots in .38spl for off duty/BUG's. Any other calibers we can carry our own ammunition. I keep it simple and carry Gold Dots in my .45auto.

    I am happy with our ammo. The Federal buck loads pattern really well in both of my shotguns.
  4. JohnnyReb

    JohnnyReb Lifetime Member

    Sep 20, 2004
    165gr Winchester ranger, 40 S&W is current issue. Although, there has been rumors about going back to the hydra shok because we have had numerous setback issues, and bullets loaded backwards in the case.

    Rifle is 64gr Winchester Ranger power points.

    For our shotguns, its some exotic powered lead core slug, that I can't remember the name of.
  5. toddmog


    May 28, 2007
    We are issued Winchester Ranger T 9mm in 147grn. I've done some informal water jug tests on it and like it.

    For rifles, I was shocked to hear the issued ammo is Winchester 55grn FMJ. As a reserve, I'm qualified on my personal rifle and have to provide the same ammo as is issued to the full time guys.

    It's kinda silly that they will provide me with enough duty ammo for my G17 and G26 twice a year, but make me buy my own rifle ammo. Oh well!
  6. acpd541


    Aug 11, 2004
    230gr Federal Hydra-shock for .45 ACP since at least 1993
  7. Interesting. Also proof that 'shotgun' is a universal language, within the bounds of range, etc. No humor intended.

    We recently went to 180 grain Gold Dots. I feel a WHOLE lot better than I did back in the days of the M65 and 18 rounds of 125 grain .38 +P.
  8. CAcop


    Jul 21, 2002
    9mm=127gr Win Ranger +p+
    .40=165gr Win Ranger
    10mm=175gr Win SilverTip
    .45=230gr WinRanger +p
    .223=75gr Hornady TAP (soon to be 5.56 TAP=300 extra FPS)

    I am not thrilled with the +p version of the .45 round we carry. The chart we have from Winchester in the range shows it does not perform as well as the standard pressure round. It is going to take the Lt in charge of firearms retiring for a lot of changes to be made. I'll have some interesting stories to tell when he does.

    The other rounds do fine.
  9. MakeMineA10mm

    MakeMineA10mm * * * * Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 13, 1999
    Central Illinois
    We're issued Federal Hydra-Shoks in 40S&W(not sure on weight-probably 180s) and 45ACP (230gr).

    I personally don't care about our ammo, as long as it goes "bang!" every time. I don't think there's any pistol-caliber ammo out of a short (pistol-length) barrel that's worth a hoot as a fight stopper, because it has a "magic bullet." I'm firmly in the "if it's worth shooting once, it's worth shooting multiple times" camp, and the "shoot 'til it's falling down" camp of defensive pistol use. That said, I want accurate, aimed shots, not just a sound like a machinegun...

    Our state academy did some extensive pistol bullet testing a few years ago, and showed that FMJ worked almost as well as the premium JHPs on the market at that time, but it fed more reliably. When we run out of duty ammo, we issue the FMJ practice ammo we shoot at the range.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2011
  10. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Oct 28, 2005
    Circling the wagons.
    If it's the Flite Control buckshot, that stuff is absolutely amazing. It has yet to pattern larger than the chest of a "Q" target at up to 25 yards for me. Truly incredible stuff. At 7 yards it leaves a single hole on our targets the size of a softball where our last stuff would have easily identifiable pellets.
  11. Glocker1984


    Jan 13, 2007
    230gr .45ACP Speer Gold-Dot's and Yes I am very satisfied.
  12. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    It is the Flite control wad, but I noticed it is no longer a low recoil round. It thumped me pretty good when I did some shotgun practice this week.

    I is still lethal IMO at 40yds. I can still get 4-5 pellets on a Q target at that distance If if the shot is centered. It also doesn't throw the usual flyer pellet that is way off pattern at any distance past 15yds.
  13. p.d.


    Aug 4, 2009
    Dry Ridge, Kentucky
    The same for us in .45 ACP, although we are changing to the HST round as we are being told that Federal is dropping the Hydra-Shok. We issue .40 S&W Federal 180 grain HST, and Federal 62 grain Bonded and Hornaday TAP rounds for .223.
  14. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Oct 28, 2005
    Circling the wagons.
    I believe that they make full house and low recoil versions. We have the low recoil and have been very satisfied.

    For the rest of you: if you're using any other buckshot, odds are that you're missing out.
  15. Chico Bill

    Chico Bill Millennium Member

    Nov 10, 1999
    LA area, CA,USA

    That stuff is amazing! I've only used the low recoil version but the patterns really do have to be seen to believe.
  16. I have seen that before, probably on here. My agency was involved in a shooting a year back and the perp was shot with 40 caliber Gold Dots. He was DRT. Shot distance was approximately 3 yards. The fatal shot went through the side of his face and out the back of his head. I believe they were 165 grain Gold Dots since we could not get the 180's at the time. I use gold dots off duty as well as on. Ultimately no round will ever be 100% especially in a handgun.
  17. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Winchester Ranger SXT for all authorized handgun calibers.

    380, 38 special +p, 9mm +p+, 40, 45+p, 357.

    I am happy with it. All my handguns (duty/off-duty/alternate) are 9mm with my backup in 38+p.
  18. Chico Bill

    Chico Bill Millennium Member

    Nov 10, 1999
    LA area, CA,USA
    My agency issues:
    9mm 147gr Winchester Ranger-T
    .45ACP 230gr Win Ranger-T
    .38 135gr Gold Dot
    or Winchester Ranger 110gr +P+ (Not sure if still made...I still have one box)

    I guess we just went from Win Ranger .223 to Speer.

    For 12ga Dept allows major brand 9 pellet OO Buck, 27 pellet #4 Buck, and Foster slugs.
  19. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Jul 24, 2010
    The Northwoods
    Our agency issues Speer Gold Dot across the board, i carry a .45 and am issued 230g. I am very happy with the round and have not had any issues with it. We are issued Speer lawman for training and have not had any issues with it either.
  20. -Federal HST .40 165gr for issued Duty Weapon (handgun)
    -Federal Reduced Recoil .00 buck / 9 pellet and Reduced Recoil Tactical Slug for shotguns
    -Federal Tactical Bonded .55 gr for Patrol Rifles

    Shotgun ammo was Polyshok until they closed up shop. Ammo for P.O.W for OD / BUG use is to be of "similar nature" to duty ammo. Any premium / major brand JHP ammo will do.