Dulles Expo Gun Show This Weekend

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by MPJC, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Folks- Anyone heading to the Dulles Expo this weekend Oct 2-4. I used to say you could pick up ammo cheap, but now, quite the contrary.

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  2. I'm probably going to stop in for a minute. I have a friend who works at Trader Jerry's tables.

  3. I use to go to pick up special ammo like Hornday's defense rounds usually not found at WalMart etc...

    But the last two shows none of this type of ammo could be found. :(
  4. With a price of $11 :wow: (with coupon)...it's not worth it. That show went down hill after the second year.
  5. MavsX

    MavsX The Dude Abides

    haha. yeah man. the ammo is also carted out and there is none left....the ammo they do have is so expensive...mind as well buy it from a gun shop. haha.

    i am planning on going. I'm taking a couple of noobs with me to show them how to be a man....i have no idea what that means.
  6. Anyone check the prices for .223 ammo?
  7. I'll probably stop by, wind up buying nothing, and go home to fondle my 15,000 rounds of ammo bought years ago; like Blazer 115 gr. for $5.71 per box delivered. :crying:
  8. I spent the admission to the gun show last night on movie tickets to Zombie Land.

    Pretty much the same thing as going to a gun show.
  9. Bad time to be stuck at Niagara Falls, for work.
  10. I went to the show yesterday. It was okay, depending on what you're looking for. I was able to pick up some super cheap 9mm for use at the range. Other than that, I'd say the show broke down like this: 30% handguns, 30% AR-15s and similar rifles, 40% crap. There were a few tables of good handgun selection and a ton of various tactical rifles, then there was just an absurd amount of what I'd call basically just old military surplus junk. Very little in the way of hunting shotguns and very few hunting rifles. It was pretty much all tactical, which was disappointing. The thing that was most disappointing was that the prices weren't nearly as low as I was expecting. Even with so-called "gun show only" prices, they still weren't THAT low. I went fully prepared and wanting to buy a new Glock and a shotgun, but couldn't find any deals better than what I could get on gunbroker.

    So, in sum, I'll go again the next time they have the show for the cheap ammo and because I like guns, but the bubble has been burst for me on the gun show being a great place for low low prices.
  11. If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for that 9mm and what brand/type was it.
  12. The guys from Georgia Arms had a table. Here's their website--http://www.georgia-arms.com/. 50 rounds for $13. FMJ. Shot them at the range today and they were great. Great, great deal.
  13. Bought more than I was expecting.
    Georgia Arms 200 rounds of 115 gr. lead RNFP, 100 rounds 115 gr. FMJ.
    Other: 100 rounds Federal LE 2 3/4" slugs, 40 rounds Partizan .308, 300 rounds of CCI Mini Mags, and a 20 round AK magazine.
    Almost went for a Uberti Walker but decided to save it for mail order ammo, pistol, M1A and AK mags.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I ordered some 9mm canned heat from GA a couple of months ago. I haven't been to a show in Chantilly for a while but I don't remember seeing GA there. Glad to see that they make the trip up here.

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