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  1. SOmething that any progressive owner should do before starting your loading session. Check all the screws & die sets & make sure they are snug. I just dotted off 300rds of 45acp & when I went to box them, noticed the crimp wasn't right. At some point the crimp die had backed out & I had to recrimp 300rds, PITA. Add that to the occasional SP brass, a frustrating 45min of reloading.
    Another tip for the guys using a progressive w/ the 45acp & those pesky SP cases that sneek by inspection. Keep a few sized/deprimed cases on the bench. When you feel the primer not go in, remove the offending case & replace w/ the already deprimed case. With an auto indexing press, it won't mess you up or get you out of sequence. Did I mention how much I hate SP 45acp brass?:rant:

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  2. Good idea on the sized brass ready to go, I am going to have to do that. Stupid small pistol primed no good..............

  3. Fire_Medic

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    A bad day reloading is better than a good day at work..... :wavey:
  4. SO true! I can adjust for reloading issues far easire than work issues. Reloading & bulelt casting is supposed to be like therapy for me though, so it's not as much fun when it goes wrong.:crying:
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    Oh I know, just reminding you of the bright side you weren't looking at :cheers:
  6. 200+ rds of 9mm ammo loaded on my 650.
    About 1000 bullets cast.
    Sized most of them.

    Nice day.
  7. I spent ammo today instead of loading it, but I'm gonna load 1K rds of 223 tomorrow. -Wade-
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    I take a little key from my aircraft maintenance backround and put a little stripe of inspectors torque laquer on the lock rings of my dies after they are set.
    You can tell at a glance if they have moved if the laquer is disturbed.
  9. Oh I like that idea. An instant visual check.
  10. On the powder measure replace the Bellcrank keep nut. With a Teflon locking nut. On the dies, instead of using a wrench. Get a deep well socket. Since I changed the Teflon locking nut and using the deep well socket I have not had a nut come loose.
  11. Where can you get those?
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    Being in Florida, just look if your local General Aviation airport has a pilot/owner shop.... they usually carry tubes for $4 each.
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    Being an ex-Harley tech, I have lots of tools. I use a "shorty" 1" wrench. But I don't use the open end, I use the box end. It works great too. I think it will have slightly less chance to slip off than a socket might, that nut isn't very tall. You can get one at Sears for $18 or so I think, don't have to buy the whole set. With the Dillon dies that have the clip holding the body in the die, I drop the body out to loosen/tighten.
  14. Been using the deep well socket for years no sliping off.
  15. I cast about 400 bullets Saturday (.38 and .45Colt). Guess I'm not as fast as you.
    Also spent a couple of hours shooting.
  16. In general, keep the nuts & bolts snug on your progressive. I have had other things work loose & things start running poorly. So check occasionally or before every session if you are a bit anal. The powder measure gets checked often, so I don't worry about it coming loose.
  17. Non-transparent nail polish will also work instead of torque lacquer.

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