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DSLR, please educate me.

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by WEATHERBY460, Nov 15, 2008.



    Feb 18, 2005
    I am looking for my first good camera and need recommendations. I also need some basic education on them. Please just point out a few of there features and explanations on the common dslr terms..thanks

  2. 1) peruse various dSLR related magazines. haunt camera shops. do your online research. ask friends.

    2) decide what you might like to check out, based on price and "options"

    3) go to store(s) and handle as many as possible within your price range

    4) select the camera that feels best in your hand

    5) buy camera. take lots of pics. hundreds. thousands. try different settings. look at the pics and be amazed at how few of the hundreds/thousands actually meet the criteria of "keeper".

    #4 is the critical piece; like a gun, if the camera does not fit your hand, you won't use it.

    #5 is also very important.

    Finally, unless trying to shoot something that is beyond the camera abilities, an excellent photographer who knows how to frame a shot, can (and will), take a better shot with a low-end camera than a hack will with a several thousand dollar model.