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DSL connection woes...

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by justinsn95, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. justinsn95

    justinsn95 Im in jail...

    My DSL connection is acting strange. It drifts in and out of functioning. Most of the time it does not work. Then, it will work for 5 minutes. Then it wont work for 3 hours. I have called AT&T about it many times, and 4 times they have sent someone out, and 4 times they have not fixed the problem. The first 2 times, they could not diagnose the problem because it decided to work while they were there. The other two times they messed around with stuff using their little ways to try to fix it. Then, it would drift back into functioning again, and they would think they had fixed it. I would tell them no, it was just working for the moment, and they would just be like "Well i really don't know what to do." How irritating.

    I am not the only phone line box here. In fact, I tie into another phone line box as i live in a guest house behind a larger main house. Then internet at the main house works just fine and is very fast. I have two possible explanations, please tell me what you think of them.

    1. Once i felt the bottom of my little black AT&T issued modem. It was almost hot enough to burn me. Is it dead or dying?

    2. The underground line running from the main house's phone line box is jacked up somehow. Maybe a gopher or a mole chewed on it. But then why would it function sometimes? You would think if it was messed up in that way that it would stop functioning at all. And, this isn't just any old DSL/phone line. This stuff seems pretty tough. It is hard to even bend it all that much. If you had 4 inches of it in your hand, you would have a hard time bending it completely in half. It is the stuff with that black outer coating and the thick copper wires inside. If you looked at the very end of the line, it is in the shape of a rectangle. My modem is that little black standard issue with 1 lan port. Then numbers on it are as follows: Siemens Speedstream 4100-B. Part number 060R-D146-A10
    The router is a Linksys wireless G Broadband router. Model WRT54GS V7 Serial number CGNC1GA70936.

    I just have the line coming out of the wall going into the modem, then the router going into the modem's LAN cable port. Then my desktop's cable goes into one of the designated ports in the back of the router. Probly the only way it even can be done but i just thought i would mention it.

    Any thoughts or opinions on what my problem could be? Any help would be great!
  2. Satch

    Satch "Dang"

    Dec 29, 2000
    Did it ever work?? I had the same problems after a year of normal operation. Got to thinking it started going funky after I did Service Pack 1 for Vista. Uninstalled SP 1 and no problems since. I thought my AT&T supplied modem was bad at first. If you decide to get a third party modem for a spare and/or troubleshooting, call AT&T to make sure it will work with their service. They will try to get you to get a replacement from them, but other available modems will work. Check all your cables and filters as they are not bulletproof. Also, wire directly from the wall to the modem to your computer to see if it will work. Do you have any red lights flashing on your modem? Does your phone line go thru a ups power supply between the wall plug and the modem? If you have Dish or Direct TV, is your tv box connected to the phone line? Do you have a security system hooked into your phone system? Lots of stuff to look at.:ack:

  3. srhoades


    Jul 14, 2000
    How old is the speedstreem? They almost always fail in the 4-5 year range and do exactly what you are describing.
  4. srhoades


    Jul 14, 2000
    Try this. See if you can borrow the speedstreem from the main house. If the connection stays consistent you have found your problem.
  5. My DSL box finally went bad. I think 7 years. I got another from Freecycle and it's a bit warm and my connection speed is exactly half what it used to be. This speed isn't even offered. There is a firmware update for the box but the instruction say to only flash the new firmware if instructed by the company. I have no way of reinstalling the current firmware so I haven't tried the new one yet.
  6. justinsn95

    justinsn95 Im in jail...

    I am pretty sure that it is not the modem or the router because when the techs came out to fix it they would unplug both and plug their laptop up straight to the phone line coming out of the wall. They would then say that it wasn't "snyc-ing up" with the phone line box. Then they would go up the road to do god knows what. Then they would come back, and do more who knows what. Then the connection would drift back into working again as it so often does, and they would think they had fixed it and tell me "This wont happen again, as i have fixed it". Then it would happen again 2 or 3 minutes after they drove away and i wouldnt have internet for 8-12 hours. Seems to me like they have not the slightest clue as to what is going on.