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Drive Imaging Software

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by mfackler, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. As I have posted here before, I just built my first PC. With lots of help I now have it dual booting Win XP Pro and Debian Sarge. I have been looking at drive imaging software to back up my work to this point. I thought Norton Ghost was going to be top of the line. I purchased a copy of V 9. After reading HERE it looked like the included Ghost 2003 CD would be the way to go. I did get it to work backing up to a DVD, BUT I was very UN impressed! I wanted it to back up to my external USB HD. I must say even the manual states this may be a problem. At one point I thought it had messed up my MBR so now I'm afraid to mess with it much more. Anyway I am now looking at R DRIVE ??

    What is a good, fairly simple but secure, program I can use to image the way I want? What do you use? Should I give Ghost 9 a shot? Or keep trying to work with Ghost 2003?

    Edited to add...

    Right now it appears R Drive may be stalled and/or taking forever??
  2. pyblood


    Dec 22, 2003
    I like Acronis True Image. I think that it’s one of the best out there. It’s easy to use and can be used for a bare metal restoration. Check out

  3. cgwahl

    cgwahl Sheriffs a near

    Feb 15, 2002
    Was about to ask a similar question as well.

    Looking for a cheap (preferably free) alternative to Norton Ghost since I am going to be doing a complete reinstall of my system in the next month or two and would not mind an image after I get everything the way I want it.
  4. What I have decided to do is give the Ghost v9 a try sense I already own it. It seems to work MUCH better for me then 2003. I'll give Acronis True Image a look as well. Thanks for the lead.