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Drafting the BOG Code of Conduct

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Alexii, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move


    Sent you a PM sir. I'll try do some work on this and send you another PM afterwards. :)
  2. Kiddo


    Jun 14, 2003
    Hi guys! How is the BoG Code of Conduct goin? Can someone e-mail me the drafts? Kailan ba ito matatapos? Exited na ako! :) Hehe. Ano na lang ang kulang?

  3. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    What to do if you were just in a gunfight?

    1. Call the cops
    2. Call your fellow BOGs.. HEHEHE. Pwede siguro ito guys. Kasi its not all the time that you know the phone number of the nearest precint in the place you are in. Wala naman kasi tayong 911 dito sa Pinas e. This way, your fellow BOGs can help make the necessary calls for you and you can concentrate on assessing the situation and the environment while waiting for cops or help to arrive.
  4. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003
    Is the Patrol 117 number of the DILG a nationwide hotline, or is it only good for Metro Manila? Has anyone ever tried using it?
  5. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    I think its only for Metro Manila. Anyway, I will try to make some calls and ask for info about this.
  6. Kiddo


    Jun 14, 2003
    Hi guys! May final draft na ba ang BOG Code of Conduct natin? This thread has been burried for a long time na and I havent seen any updates. (correct me if im wrong ;) ) So, kamusta na guys? :) :cool:
  7. attyjpl

    attyjpl Dark Justice

    Jul 3, 2004
    Order in the Court!!
    suggestion: why don't we incorporate our group to give it a legal personality?

    i can help with the legal stuff, like registration with the securities and exchange commission, etc.

    our group, band of glockers, is not a simple neighborhood, academic or civic organization. WE OWN GUNS. WE SHOOT GUNS. i think we should formalize BOG as a legal entity so we could impose sanctions to erring members if necessary.

    what do you think?

    may meeting ba sa thursday? where? sama ako :)
  8. Kiddo


    Jun 14, 2003
    That would be a good idea! :) Para official na ang BoG! Sayang lang d ako mkakapunta sa mga meetings. :( Anyways, I'm all for it! :cool:
  9. casmot

    casmot Re membered

    attyjpl: The meeting you're asking about was held last year. This is an old thread which has been inactive since last year.
  10. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003
    Hmmm, Band of Glockers Inc. ...sounds good, ala-Monsters Inc.

    But what benefit would incorporation have for the group? We aren't planning on forming our own gun club or setting up a firing range .

    Could we acquire high-powered firearms under the name of the corporation? :)
  11. Kiddo


    Jun 14, 2003
    I think na it would be best if BOG would be an organization (kinda like a fraternity) right? ;)
  12. attyjpl

    attyjpl Dark Justice

    Jul 3, 2004
    Order in the Court!!

    the major benefit that incorporation will give to BOGs is that we will have legal personality, and not just an informal group or fraternity. look at PROGUN.

    if we have legal personality, we can go to court and set precedents in gun ownership and possession.

    the option to form our own gun club or set up a firing range is merely incidental, if we choose to do so.

    we cannot acquire high-powered firearms even under the name of the corporation. well, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. :)
  13. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=- Lifetime Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    almost home
    IIRC, among the inherent disadvantages to incorporation are:

    the nominal annual paperwork to keep the SEC happy, assuming it's non-profit,
    the annual necessity of (s)electing a board of directors & officers,
    the nominal designation of a corporate address,
    et cetera

    ...these are minor inconveniences at first glance, though there is a palpable price tag in time and money to them.

    BoG seems defined by its exchange of ideas and occasional in-the-flesh exchange of friendship, as well as its easy informality. It might be difficult to keep that the core of any stated 'CORPORATE PURPOSE' that formal incorporation would require. What was once a stated purpose 'for convenience' might soon get treated as a mission statement. That and the spectre of raising operational and/or mission funds could wind up eclipsingi the easygoing informality we enjoy now.

    But... I haven't been around here that long,
    and I'm no lawyer. JM2Pesos, and hey...
    whatever floats your boats, folks.

  14. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Nov 14, 2001
    Delta Quadrant
    Section 1

    A) The Higher Standard of Care --- mikey177
    B) The Four Rules of Gun Safety --- EyeCutter
    C) The Rules of Concealed Carry --- Saruman
    D) The Elements of Self Defense --- mikey177
    in the Philippine Setting

    Section 2

    A) General Conduct --- chinagirl/batangueno
    B) Conduct Among BOG Members --- ppts799
    C) Conduct on the Shooting Range --- homogenizer
    D) Conduct on --- Alexii

    Section 3

    A) What To Do In a Checkpoint --- millenium88
    B) What To Do If You Survived a Gunfight --- ???????

    AttyJPL, would you be interested to author the last part?

    I have the original manuscript of the BOG Code of Conduct: each topic went through a formal BOG meeting and was approved by the members then. It is planned to be subjected to revision every now and then by the BOG membership.

    This BOG Code of Conduct is just what it is: a Code to guide our psyche and behaviour and weed out the trigger-happy, hey-you-get-outta-my-face, my-gun-is-bigger-than-yours, attitude of the common, perceived gun-owner. As you can see, it deals also with the other facets of a BOGs' other activities/other concerns.

    Whatever this group evolves into-- a corporation, an informal group, a fraternity (minus the hazing-- we're armed, people), we need to have a common, agreed-upon code of behaviour and standards if we are to give this group a good name.
  15. aztig

    aztig Team Lead

    Sep 21, 2004
    Sorry BOGs I know this is a bit old thread but it catch my attention and found them interesting. I wonder what happened to this thread? Thanks
  16. attyjpl

    attyjpl Dark Justice

    Jul 3, 2004
    Order in the Court!!

    yes, i'll be glad to author the last part. but give me pointers so i could fix the parameters of my work. :)
  17. Kiddo


    Jun 14, 2003
    Can you guys attach the file (in pdf format or something) pag natapos na so the other members from the provinces (like me! ;f Hehe) can get it? :) Thanks.
  18. brawnless

    brawnless Junior Member

    Dec 5, 2004
    just stumbled on this thread while searching for "progun". it is interesting. what came out of this?
  19. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003
    I think we're still waiting for Section 3-B. This involves the topic of "What to do if you survive a gunfight."
  20. ppts799

    ppts799 Daisho

    Oct 12, 2002


    We, the Band of Glockers, are individuals dedicated to the safe use of firearms for competition and the defense of innocent life. In pursuit of our aspirations, we abide by the following Code:


    Our everyday actions are governed by the fundamental respect for the sanctity of life. In our interaction with others, we exercise a higher standard of care. We neither start not go out looking for fights. We do not provoke hostile response from those we meet. We know what the other party does not: that we have a tool for delivering lethal force, and as such, we must take extra precaution to ensure that a simple argument does not escalate into an unfortunate and fatal shooting. We back down from such arguments not out of cowardice, but because of our awareness of our responsibility to safeguard even the lives of persons with whom we have differences. If we feel that we have been legally or morally wronged by another party, we take the matter to the proper judicial authorities for them to settle. We never draw our weapons to intimidate, threaten or to emphasize a point during an argument. No squabble is worth another person’s life.

    The Four Rules of Gun Safety

    The Rules of Concealed Carry

    1. YOUR CONCEALED HANDGUN IS FOR PROTECTION OF LIFE ONLY. Draw it solely in preparation to protect yourself or an innocent third party from the wrongful and life-threatening criminal actions of another.

    2. KNOW EXACTLY WHEN YOU CAN USE YOUR GUN. A criminal adversary must have, or reasonably appear to have:

    A) the ability to inflict serious bodily injury (he is armed or reasonably appears to be armed with a deadly weapon),

    B) the opportunity to inflict serious bodily harm (he is physically positioned to harm you with his weapon), and

    C) his intent (hostile actions or words) indicates that he means to place you in jeopardy -- to do you serious or fatal physical harm.

    When all three of these attack potential elements are in place simultaneously, then you are facing a reasonably perceived deadly threat that justifies an emergency deadly force response.

    3. IF YOU CAN RUN AWAY -- RUN! Just because you’re armed doesn’t necessarily mean you must confront a bad guy at gunpoint. Develop your "situation awareness" skills so you can be alert to detect and avoid trouble altogether. Keep in mind that if you successfully evade a potential confrontation, the single negative consequence involved might be your bruised ego, which should heal with mature rationalization. But if you force a confrontation you risk the possibility of you or a family member being killed or suffering lifelong crippling/disfiguring physical injury, criminal liability and/or financial ruin from civil lawsuit. Flee if you can, fight only as a last resort.

    4. DISPLAY YOUR GUN, GO TO JAIL. Expect to be arrested by police at gunpoint, and be charged with a crime anytime your concealed handgun is seen by another citizen in public, regardless of how unintentional or innocent or justified the situation might seem. Choose a method of carry that reliably keeps your gun hidden from public view at all times.

    You have no control over how a stranger will react to seeing (or learning about) your concealed handgun. He or she might become alarmed and report you to police as "a man or woman with a gun." Depending on his or her feelings about firearms, this person might be willing to maliciously embellish his or her story in attempt to have your gun seized by police or to get you arrested. An alarmed citizen who reports a "man with a gun" is going to be more credible to police than you when you're stopped because you match the suspect's description, and you are found to have a concealed handgun in your possession.

    Before you expose your gun in public, ask yourself: "Is this worth going to jail for?" The only time this question should warrant a "yes" response is when an adversary has at least, both ability and intent, and is actively seeking the opportunity to do you great harm.

    5. DON’T LET YOUR EMOTIONS GET THE BEST OF YOU. If, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you do get into some kind of heated dispute with another person while you’re armed, never mention, imply or exhibit your gun for the purpose of intimidation or one-upmanship. You’ll simply make a bad situation worse -- for yourself (see rule #4).

    Elements of Self-Defense in the Philippine Setting

    The only time we are justified in drawing a gun on another person is in self-defense. For self-defense to be valid, the following circumstances must concur when we act in defense of our person, our rights or the lives of others :
    - There was unlawful aggression against us.
    - We employed reasonable means to prevent or repel the aggression.
    - We did nothing to provoke the attack in the first place.

    Unlawful aggression. The attack that was launched against us must have been against the law. Unlawful aggression includes incidents when – with no provocation – a person of apparently superior strength, skill, or weaponry assaults or is about to assault us with deadly force and we have reason to be in fear of our lives. There must be an immediate, unavoidable threat of death or grave bodily harm to us or to other innocent persons.

    Reasonable means. There exists a continuum of force in which aggression takes place. From the lowest form, verbal assault, to unarmed physical assault, to assault with a deadly weapon. Given persons of equal build and apparent physical ability, our response must be commensurate to the attack that it seeks to ward off. We must be able to assess whether our defense in a given situation is equitable, and that another person of like mind and physical condition would employ a similar response to the situation.

    Lack of provocation. The attacker must not have been caused by any initial remark, gesture or action that we made toward the assailant. Again, it is imperative that we not start arguments or allow them to heat up. Carrying a firearm implies a grave burden of responsibility, and requires that we be more prudent and discreet in dealing with other persons. We cannot, for example, give an unruly motorists the dirty finger and later on claim self-defense when we are forced to shoot him because he responded to our taunt and the situation deteriorated.


    The site has been the single, most important factor in the initial formation of the group The Band of Glockers (BOG). Individual Glock enthusiasts suddenly have a venue to exchange ideas, ask questions, and explore the rewarding aspects of competition and defensive shooting. This website is our home and like our own domiciles, we expect certain standards of behavior from our fellow members and visitors. The website itself has its own rules so on top of that, here is the BOG Code of Conduct on :

    1. is an international website; meaning different nationalities drop by everyday to view and/or participate in the existing threads. Though not vaguely unacceptable, threads mostly written in Filipino exclude our international friends and “kababayans” who do not understand out language. Minimize the use of Filipino as much as possible.
    2. The use of hateful, sexually-offensive, racist, name-calling, and abusive language has absolutely no place in the thread and will not be tolerated. Disagreements are possible through civilized means.
    3. Every now and then, there will be posters trying to provoke an online squabble. It would be in the best interest of everybody to exercise tolerance and ignore the provocation. There is always the presence of Moderators to deal with problem-laden individuals.
    4. The deliberate posting of erroneous, misleading information for whatever purpose is not acceptable. Contrary to common belief, most people believe everything they read on the Internet.
    5. Do not hijack the thread. Always be in line with the subject on hand. Make use of GlockTalk’s PM and/or email or text messaging to carry out a conversation with a fellow member for discussions that would otherwise have no connection with the thread.
    6. Be careful giving out personal information such as home and office addresses and all other sensitive information that can be used against you by the bad elements of society. Keep in mind it is a public forum, so be guided accordingly.
    7. Enjoy the company of friends, old and new. Keep an open mind. All of us have something new to learn from each other. Exchange ideas and experiences.


    1. Non- Discrimination. BOG members shall not discriminate a co-member due to religion, social background, gender, or educational level. Every member shall be treated as equals, with the same privileges of other members.
    2. Mutual dealings done on good faith. In all BOG matters concerning meetings, fun shoots, clinics, competitions, get togethers, posting, buying/selling, and the like, good faith shall govern over such activities. Honesty, fairness, sincerity, respect, proper ethics and integrity shall be our guiding principles in our mutual dealings.
    3. Respect for Individuality. BOG members shall recognize and respect the uniqueness and individuality of each BOG member and shall not in any way see these unique characteristics as inferior in any way. Rather, we shall uphold our co-member’s capacity and capabilities. Absolute respect shall also be extended to co-member’s family.
    4. Camaraderie. We must always treat each other with a friendly and cooperative relationship, extend our personal concern towards each other and be considerate with each other. BOG members are also expected to be cooperative of their duties and be accountable for shared responsibilities given within the group. In venues of competition, we must always uphold the principles of sportsmanship towards each other. We must always strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with all members.
    5. Discipline. BOG members are expected to be mature in all their undertakings especially with dealings towards each other. We should be open not only to change, but also to constructive criticism to improve as an individual.
    6. Sharing of Resources. BOG members are expected to be willing to make oneself available and to lend out a hand to co-members who need help, be it in terms of time or skill.


    1. Always wear ear and eye protection within the range premises.
    - When inside the hot range of the firing line, always check for eye and ear protection even if you are just a spectator.
    2. The range officer (RO) is the one who guides the shooter in the safety and mechanics of a match.
    3. Always obey the range command of the RO and seek guidance if there are any questions.
    4. Obey hot and cold range rules.
    - Hot range or the firing line is any area within the bays of the shooting range facing downrange.
    - Cold range is within the perimeter of the shooting range except the hot range and the safety area.
    - You can only load live ammo in magazines or speed loaders inside the cold range and hot range except in the safety area.
    - You can only handle firearms in the firing line with the consent or command of the range officer and in the safety area.
    5. Always carry your firearm in gun cases or securely holstered when not in the firing line or within the cold range.
    6. Guns should be unloaded without magazine inserted and unchambered unless with the consent of the range officer in the firing line.
    7. No handling of flammable materials within the range.
    8. No drinking of alcoholic beverages inside the range.
    9. Any person under the influence of sedatives or prohibited drugs are not allowed inside the range.
    10. When 2 or more persons are shooting in one bay, they must be equidistant in respect to the backstop to ensure shooter safety.
    11. In a firing line with barriers, the person to your right is alwars given priority unless stated otherwise.
    12. When in the firing line, always point your gun downrange when drawn. obey the 180degree rule.
    13. Always announce that you are firing before you start shooting to allow other people to prepare for your firing.
    14. If and when the gun falls from the holster, do not pick the gun up, ask the help of the RO to pick up your FA.
    15. Always follow the four rules of gun safety.

    DISCLAIMER : this is only an informal draft and the contents are not intended to be directions on how to act on legal matters.