Drafting the BOG Code of Conduct

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Alexii, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Hello fellow BOGs--

    It was discussed somewhere in the main thread the proposal of the BOG Code of Conduct but it was unintentionally buried by other topics so I opened a new thread for the discussion of the Code's draft.

    I think it's imperative to come up with a Code that will guide us in these critical times when most non-shooters consider us shooters as potential homicidal maniacs. The "higher standard of care" (excellently explained by Mikey177) is a good springboard for this Code.

    We'll keep the Code short and revise/update it as it becomes necessary. I suggest we stick to what it is called, i.e. purely about conduct. We can come up with manuals about Defensive Shooting at a later time.

    Every member has a say on what or what shouldn't be included. Moreover, every proposed statement is up for discussion/debate by any member. At least 2/3 of the group present in a meeting should agree with what are to be included in the Code.

    These are all suggestions at this point. Tell me what you all think about this and please share your insights.:)

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  2. ReccaH

    ReccaH Let's Play

    I agree, lets start with the draft. Where do you propose to discuss all about this. If i may suggest one item on the members Code of Conduct, it is that no member will kick the ass of a fellow member especially when the one being kick upon is the Shooting Instructor/expert cat/numerous trophies... No regard whatsoever!!!

    Hello Mr. Secretary... ;f ;e

  3. so before we set up the meeting make your inputs to our secretary pio for compilation and discussed and approved in the upcoming non-shoot meeting. you may email him direct the suggestions.
  4. i think no one can start this off better than alexii. ok, just give it to me and i will compile and add things.

    reccah already started his duties as sgt-at-arms so i guess he will start coming to the meetings . . . especially when he says he will. peace din mr anime ;f ;f ;f ;e
  5. I think we can start with your suggestions as well as those of Mikey177. Those are basic conducts of responsible gun owners. To add, may I suggest basic social conducts i.e. disallowing members from engaging in illegal activities (i.e. smuggling; kidnapping; drug trafficking etc. etc.?) Of course, none of us fit in this profile. But hey, if outsiders knows that ALL members refrain - to the extent of abhorring such illegal activities, BOG will be respected and deemed as socially responsible people. And isn't earning respect in the society as a group one of our main objectives? ;K

  6. well said, chinagirl!
  7. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I'll post the outline within the week and let's see what everybody says.:)
  8. Saruman

    Saruman I carry a GLOCK

    Five Rules for Concealed Carry
    1. YOUR CONCEALED HANDGUN IS FOR PROTECTION OF LIFE ONLY. Draw it solely in preparation to protect yourself or an innocent third party from the wrongful and life-threatening criminal actions of another.

    2. KNOW EXACTLY WHEN YOU CAN USE YOUR GUN. A criminal adversary must have, or reasonably appear to have:

    A) the ability to inflict serious bodily injury (he is armed or reasonably appears to be armed with a deadly weapon),

    B) the opportunity to inflict serious bodily harm (he is physically positioned to harm you with his weapon), and

    C) his intent (hostile actions or words) indicates that he means to place you in jeopardy -- to do you serious or fatal physical harm.

    When all three of these attack potential elements are in place simultaneously, then you are facing a reasonably perceived deadly threat that justifies an emergency deadly force response.

    3. IF YOU CAN RUN AWAY -- RUN! Just because you’re armed doesn’t necessarily mean you must confront a bad guy at gunpoint. Develop your "situation awareness" skills so you can be alert to detect and avoid trouble altogether. Keep in mind that if you successfully evade a potential confrontation, the single negative consequence involved might be your bruised ego, which should heal with mature rationalization. But if you force a confrontation you risk the possibility of you or a family member being killed or suffering lifelong crippling/disfiguring physical injury, criminal liability and/or financial ruin from civil lawsuit. Flee if you can, fight only as a last resort.

    4. DISPLAY YOUR GUN, GO TO JAIL. Expect to be arrested by police at gunpoint, and be charged with a crime anytime your concealed handgun is seen by another citizen in public, regardless of how unintentional or innocent or justified the situation might seem. Choose a method of carry that reliably keeps your gun hidden from public view at all times.

    You have no control over how a stranger will react to seeing (or learning about) your concealed handgun. He or she might become alarmed and report you to police as "a man or woman with a gun." Depending on his or her feelings about firearms, this person might be willing to maliciously embellish his or her story in attempt to have your gun seized by police or to get you arrested. An alarmed citizen who reports a "man with a gun" is going to be more credible to police than you when you're stopped because you match the suspect's description, and you are found to have a concealed handgun in your possession.

    Before you expose your gun in public, ask yourself: "Is this worth going to jail for?" The only time this question should warrant a "yes" response is when an adversary has at least, both ability and intent, and is actively seeking the opportunity to do you great harm.

    5. DON’T LET YOUR EMOTIONS GET THE BEST OF YOU. If, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you do get into some kind of heated dispute with another person while you’re armed, never mention, imply or exhibit your gun for the purpose of intimidation or one-upmanship. You’ll simply make a bad situation worse -- for yourself (see rule #4).
  9. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Thanks for the input Saruman-- very informative. We will discuss that in our next non-shoot meeting. We will definitely include that in the BOG Code of Conduct.:)
  10. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Okay guys, here it is: the proposed outline for the BOG Code of Conduct along with the names of proposed writers:

    Section 1

    A) The Higher Standard of Care --- mikey177

    B) The Four Rules of Gun Safety --- EyeCutter

    C) The Rules of Concealed Carry --- Saruman

    D) The Elements of Self Defense --- mikey177
    in the Philippine Setting

    Section 2

    A) General Conduct --- chinagirl/batangueno

    B) Conduct Among BOG Members --- ppts799

    C) Conduct on the Shooting Range --- homogenizer

    D) Conduct on GlockTalk.com --- Alexii

    Section 3

    A) What To Do In a Checkpoint --- millenium88

    B) What To Do If You Survived a Gunfight --- ???????

    As you can see, the Code will be very straightforward and concise. For the nominated writers, whatever you can share will be greatly appreciated by the group. The group will then evaluate the contents of your contribution during our next non-shoot meet before finalizing the Code. Please forward your contributions to the Secretary or to me for compilation.

    At this point, please feel free to add more inputs/proposals to the outline. Thanks, fellow BOGs-- stay safe.

  11. to add, authors shall plug in their own input and interpretations also in their own words. you can also make it more apt to our local setting.
  12. Saruman

    Saruman I carry a GLOCK

    hirap naman nun kuya pio!!! hehehehe...
  13. kcboy

    kcboy CHEEPUCK.COM

    can't wait to see what u guys will come up with!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever


    I forgot to mention that we still lack one author regarding What To Do If You Survived a Gunfight. I think it's safe to say that we need a legal advice on this one. Or probably a LEO.

    It's easy to ask on the Cop Talk thread but the advice should be based on the Philippine setting. We need a local.

    Any inputs/suggestions???
  15. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Hello Guys--

    I believe one of the agendas for Thurday's meet is the drafting of our Code of Conduct. So far, the following people have confirmed or submitted their contribution to the Code: mikey177, homogenizer, ppts799, chinagirl, saruman.

    We will discuss the contents of every contribution prior to the drafting of the final form. At this point any other suggestions?:)
  16. Would it be possible for us to get a copy of the rough draft by email, so we could bring our own printouts to the meeting, and to give us a chance to read the material beforehand. Thanks.
  17. alexii : i think i will just submit mine directly to you on thursday. if you noticed, mine, chinagirl/batangueno's would have to be made from scratch, no guidelines. with my professional background, baka hitler ang dating ko sa iba ;f check it out nalang.

  18. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Okay lang yon. Relax, Mr. Secretary-- kaya nga pag uusapan natin:)

    Would it be okay if you make around ten copies so people can read your contribution. I'll ask others to do the same. Thanks.
  19. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    Mga fellow BOGs...Been reading the past posts and I just want to ask whatever happened to the proposed Code of Conduct and Manual for Defensive Shooting. I know I wasn't with the BoGs yet when this topic was raised but I think the idea is very good. Meron na po bang rough draft?.
  20. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Yes, Darwin25. Glad you brought this thread back up. I have the bulk of the rough draft and I believe ppts799 have some too.

    We already discussed and went through all of the written sections during one of our non-shoot meets. I believe it was well written and needs to be finalized soon. We still lack one section and that is, "What To Do If You Were Just in a Gunfight?". I'm still optimistic that this be included because it's just a step away from Mikey177's Higher Standard of Care premise. Maybe you can help? Send me a PM about your thoughts. Thanks and be safe.

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